Monday, March 3, 2014

under contract.

Say what?! I'm blogging on a Monday. Crazy I know!
But this news calls for a blog post. Why? Because never in a million years did I every think that I would be typing what I'm about to type.
we are officially under contract. on a house....okay, not that crazy...just wait thought.
we are officially under contract.
on a house.
In Colorado.

I mean, I know that we have lived here for the past four years, but we have also been in limbo the past four years. We have been living the apartment lifestyle since we moved here...which has worked great for us, but it's time. It's time to move on, it's time to not be living in limbo, and it's time to make some big decisions. We have wanted to get back to Idaho since the day we moved to Colorado. It's where our hearts our. It's home to us. It's where our family is. It's where we want to raise our little family. Oh, and lets mention the fact that we already own a home there. minor details. At this point, Idaho is a luxury for us. Kalob has an amazing job here...which seems to be a curse and a blessing at the same time!

Anyway, after four years of trying to get back there and nothing felt right or worked out the way we needed it to, we have decided to take another plunge and buy a house here in Colorado. Okay, I've certainly been dragging my feet, but now there is absolutely no turning back least not until its built, and we finish the basement...and then, there is no holding us back!

For me, it's not so much actually buying and building a house, as this means that Hudson is going to be able to play in a backyard. He will get more space in a gigantic basement. He can actually run and jump and play and we will not have to be worried about the people living below us. We will have a garage to park our cars, and if you live in Colorado, you will understand how amazing this will be. I will be able to paint the walls any color I want...wait- I take that back. I really wanted to paint some walls black and Kalob vetoed that quicker than I could finish my sentence...but it really was a nice thought right?!

This also will be Kalob and I's first house...together. Before I met Kalob, he bought a house in Boise. when we got married, I lived there for a good three weeks before we moved here to Colorado. Now although, by default it's considered "my" house & "our" doesn't feel that way. Hudson even says "daddy's house". so this will officially be "OUR" house, because we will be doing it together.

I guess what all this is teaching really never know what life is going to throw at you. I've been thinking alot about this decision and although we may not think that Colroado is the place that we "want" to be...clearly there is something keeping us here. It has been completely out of our control, but leads me to believe that we need to be here.
for now at least.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Yeah yeah yeah. I know. I didn't keep up like I said that I would. In fact, I failed miserably.
So, here's my explanation/excuse/lameness on my lack of 

What Is Hudson Up To Wednesday
 A few people have asked why I haven't been honest answer. I don't get a nap time anymore. ha. I know that sounds so lame, but seriously, I don't get a nap time anymore. 

I was such a mean mom and took Hudson's naps away right after we got back from Christmas break. He wasn't going to sleep until eleven at night, and that just wasn't working for me...or him, considering then he wanted to sleep until ten the next morning. So I made the hardest decision ever, and cut his naps. I don't know who it has been harder for, me or him. He still continues to ask for a nap daily, and I have to be extremely careful what time we get in the car, or he is passed out in the car seat within seconds. This also means that my "me time" is officially non-existent....hence the no blogging.

But, don't even worry, I still take plenty of pictures, and they just pile up on my phone and camera....and he is still as cute as, but really.

 See, I told you.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


 What is Hudson Up To Wednesday 
is back... 
and hopefully we can keep it that way. I feel like Hudson has changed and grown so much in the past more than last year, or the year before than. He is talking up a storm, he has become even more independent, he has just become a little man...But something haven't changed at his love for the park. No matter if we are in Boise, or Colorado, he will ask for a park.
  Of course he would rather be with Nana and Papa, but sometimes he is stuck with his mama!





We also tend to go to the park in a little different attire these days...

[clothes are still optional...but only at home!]
Superheros are all we hear about these days...not only do we hear about it, we see it. 
Hudson now has a complete stash of all super hero mask and capes!
Told you...he just woke up one morning and grew up, and this mama doesn't like it one bit.

Monday, January 27, 2014

playing catch up..christmas2013.

 I have so much to catch up on, clearly. It's been almost a month...okay, maybe a little more. So much has happened, and there is a lot to much that I haven't even posted about Christmas, which is where I should start right now...and we all know that when I haven't posted in this long, it calls for a picture overload.

Christmas is always amazing while we are home in Boise. Actually let me rephrase that...every single trip we make to Boise is amazing...every single time. Hudson is so happy, we feel so comfortable, we get so much done, we have so much fun, and my family is pretty much the most amazing family ever, I promise. 
This was the first year that I've felt that Hudson actually "got it". He understood "santa", our christmas countdown, opening presents, waking up to santa...everything, and it was so much fun. Holidays really are so much more fun with kids huh?!




We always have a white elephant gift exchange and this year we added a crazy hat party...
just because we can.



We love these people so much. so very much. As hard as it to leave Boise, when we get to go back, it's just that much better...and the daily phone calls and face time sessions don't hurt one bit!
Such an amazing holiday.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


It's been awhile since I've done a post on a Wednesday. If you're new around here, Wednesdays are dedicated to Hudson. Okay, timeout. Every single minute, of every single day is dedicated to that little bug, but on this happens to fall on Wednesday.
We call it
What Is Hudson Up To Wednesday,
and it goes a little something like this...

It has been extremely cold here in Colorado. So much so, we didn't leave the house for over a week...literally, did not leave the house. It was like a slap in the face if the window was open, or if Kalob walked in from being at work and opened the door a little too far- slap of cold, frigid air, right in your face.

So clearly, we have been spending a lot of time in our little 1000sqft condo...trying to stay warm.
But staying in the condo is difficult with a very energized toddler...and we have some rough days.
Some days I want to give him away for free, but then he comes up to me and tugs on my pj bottoms, and says "mama, hold you." and my heart melts, and so we cuddle, for as long as his little heart desires.

And then, you come across a listing on a facebook page in your area, and miraculously someone wants to get rid of a bounce house. 
[Who on this earth wants to get rid of a freakin bounce house?!]
Best part. They were selling the bounce house for $35.
You can not even begin to imagine my excitement...
So of course, I jumped on that listing, and met the lady that afternoon.
and now, we have a legit, blow up, colorful bounce house....
in our living room.
Want to come over?!

I think God knew that we were about to go certified crazy from all the cold weather, and he decided to not let that happen, and created amazing weather for us the past few days.
We went on multiple walks a day, in the snow, but still, we walked.

 and we spend some time at the park...with snow on the ground...but this kid didn't care.

Although spending all of your time at home, with no desire to even open your front door because of the weather, I honestly wouldn't want to spend it with any other person. Not a single one.
This kid is stinkin' hilarious...gets away with just about everything. Sings me songs. Knows how to spell his name. Gives the best hugs and kisses. Still sleeps at least 12 hours at night. Believes that clothes are optional. Wakes up in the morning and says "mama, where are you?!". Has not stopped growing [we are currently in 5T , some x-small boys clothing, and he's not even 3]. Has the best memory- it's kinda creepy. Tells me that "nana and papa my favorite" at least once a day. Loves him a smoothie. Sleeps with at least 20 stuffed animals and takes inventory every night before falling asleep- if one is missing, you can bet I'm in there to find it before he lays down. Loves to point out my freckles. Has to clean up his room before he goes to sleep and every single toy has it's place- don't screw it up. Says his prayers. Takes his own selfies. He has the most gorgeous skin. Breakfast is his favorite meal. Asks to go to Target on a daily basis to get a sticker from "da gurl" - good [and bad] thing we live across the street huh?!
Can you tell that I'm kind of obsessed with him?!

Monday, December 9, 2013

DIY burlap wreath.

I don't know why it's taken me so long to get this up on the blog. I have recieved so many requests for some kind of tutorial for this Christmas wreath throughout the past few weeks, that it's about time it made it's debut. After looking on Pinterest for some ideas, I couldn't seem to find a tutorial that I loved, so I just did it my own way, and you know what- it turned out good enough to still be hanging on my front door! :)

Before beginning, you will need:

 Styrofoam wreath form
 Burlap [I used red, but you can choose whatever color you want,] 
[All burlap was bought at Hobby Lobby.]
Small push pins 
Hot glue gun/glue.

I started by wrapping the wreath form in burlap, just do I wouldn't have to waste time by covering the back of the wreath with the red burlap, nobody sees that part anyway, right?!

Your first step will be to cut your colored burlap into squares. 
[Keep in mind that burlap is messy- I made the mistake of wearing black pants!]
I should have counted how many I cut, but I didn't. I cut as I went, just so I wouldn't have a ton of extras.

After your squares are cut, you will fold the square, corner to corner, to create a triangle. 
Put a dot of hot glue on that touching corner, and press down.

After your glue has dried, take the right hand corner of your triangle, and fold it into the middle.
Place a dot of hot glue and press.

Next, take the remaining corner of your triangle, and fold to the back. Place a dot of hot glue and press.
You should come up with a little burlap "puff".
Like this...

Step five, and the most time consuming step, is to place your "puffs" on your wreath.
I used small push pins AND hot glue to do this step.
I started at the bottom and worked my way around, and any extra "puffs" I had left, to fill in the wreath.

I couldn't just leave the wreath plain, so I added a fun red chevron bow to finish it off!


And here it is, in all it's glory. I won't lie, I absolutely love it.
[I may even keep it up all year long.]