Wednesday, January 29, 2014


 What is Hudson Up To Wednesday 
is back... 
and hopefully we can keep it that way. I feel like Hudson has changed and grown so much in the past more than last year, or the year before than. He is talking up a storm, he has become even more independent, he has just become a little man...But something haven't changed at his love for the park. No matter if we are in Boise, or Colorado, he will ask for a park.
  Of course he would rather be with Nana and Papa, but sometimes he is stuck with his mama!





We also tend to go to the park in a little different attire these days...

[clothes are still optional...but only at home!]
Superheros are all we hear about these days...not only do we hear about it, we see it. 
Hudson now has a complete stash of all super hero mask and capes!
Told you...he just woke up one morning and grew up, and this mama doesn't like it one bit.

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