Monday, January 27, 2014

playing catch up..christmas2013.

 I have so much to catch up on, clearly. It's been almost a month...okay, maybe a little more. So much has happened, and there is a lot to much that I haven't even posted about Christmas, which is where I should start right now...and we all know that when I haven't posted in this long, it calls for a picture overload.

Christmas is always amazing while we are home in Boise. Actually let me rephrase that...every single trip we make to Boise is amazing...every single time. Hudson is so happy, we feel so comfortable, we get so much done, we have so much fun, and my family is pretty much the most amazing family ever, I promise. 
This was the first year that I've felt that Hudson actually "got it". He understood "santa", our christmas countdown, opening presents, waking up to santa...everything, and it was so much fun. Holidays really are so much more fun with kids huh?!




We always have a white elephant gift exchange and this year we added a crazy hat party...
just because we can.



We love these people so much. so very much. As hard as it to leave Boise, when we get to go back, it's just that much better...and the daily phone calls and face time sessions don't hurt one bit!
Such an amazing holiday.

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