Monday, December 9, 2013

DIY burlap wreath.

I don't know why it's taken me so long to get this up on the blog. I have recieved so many requests for some kind of tutorial for this Christmas wreath throughout the past few weeks, that it's about time it made it's debut. After looking on Pinterest for some ideas, I couldn't seem to find a tutorial that I loved, so I just did it my own way, and you know what- it turned out good enough to still be hanging on my front door! :)

Before beginning, you will need:

 Styrofoam wreath form
 Burlap [I used red, but you can choose whatever color you want,] 
[All burlap was bought at Hobby Lobby.]
Small push pins 
Hot glue gun/glue.

I started by wrapping the wreath form in burlap, just do I wouldn't have to waste time by covering the back of the wreath with the red burlap, nobody sees that part anyway, right?!

Your first step will be to cut your colored burlap into squares. 
[Keep in mind that burlap is messy- I made the mistake of wearing black pants!]
I should have counted how many I cut, but I didn't. I cut as I went, just so I wouldn't have a ton of extras.

After your squares are cut, you will fold the square, corner to corner, to create a triangle. 
Put a dot of hot glue on that touching corner, and press down.

After your glue has dried, take the right hand corner of your triangle, and fold it into the middle.
Place a dot of hot glue and press.

Next, take the remaining corner of your triangle, and fold to the back. Place a dot of hot glue and press.
You should come up with a little burlap "puff".
Like this...

Step five, and the most time consuming step, is to place your "puffs" on your wreath.
I used small push pins AND hot glue to do this step.
I started at the bottom and worked my way around, and any extra "puffs" I had left, to fill in the wreath.

I couldn't just leave the wreath plain, so I added a fun red chevron bow to finish it off!


And here it is, in all it's glory. I won't lie, I absolutely love it.
[I may even keep it up all year long.]

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