Wednesday, December 18, 2013


It's been awhile since I've done a post on a Wednesday. If you're new around here, Wednesdays are dedicated to Hudson. Okay, timeout. Every single minute, of every single day is dedicated to that little bug, but on this happens to fall on Wednesday.
We call it
What Is Hudson Up To Wednesday,
and it goes a little something like this...

It has been extremely cold here in Colorado. So much so, we didn't leave the house for over a week...literally, did not leave the house. It was like a slap in the face if the window was open, or if Kalob walked in from being at work and opened the door a little too far- slap of cold, frigid air, right in your face.

So clearly, we have been spending a lot of time in our little 1000sqft condo...trying to stay warm.
But staying in the condo is difficult with a very energized toddler...and we have some rough days.
Some days I want to give him away for free, but then he comes up to me and tugs on my pj bottoms, and says "mama, hold you." and my heart melts, and so we cuddle, for as long as his little heart desires.

And then, you come across a listing on a facebook page in your area, and miraculously someone wants to get rid of a bounce house. 
[Who on this earth wants to get rid of a freakin bounce house?!]
Best part. They were selling the bounce house for $35.
You can not even begin to imagine my excitement...
So of course, I jumped on that listing, and met the lady that afternoon.
and now, we have a legit, blow up, colorful bounce house....
in our living room.
Want to come over?!

I think God knew that we were about to go certified crazy from all the cold weather, and he decided to not let that happen, and created amazing weather for us the past few days.
We went on multiple walks a day, in the snow, but still, we walked.

 and we spend some time at the park...with snow on the ground...but this kid didn't care.

Although spending all of your time at home, with no desire to even open your front door because of the weather, I honestly wouldn't want to spend it with any other person. Not a single one.
This kid is stinkin' hilarious...gets away with just about everything. Sings me songs. Knows how to spell his name. Gives the best hugs and kisses. Still sleeps at least 12 hours at night. Believes that clothes are optional. Wakes up in the morning and says "mama, where are you?!". Has not stopped growing [we are currently in 5T , some x-small boys clothing, and he's not even 3]. Has the best memory- it's kinda creepy. Tells me that "nana and papa my favorite" at least once a day. Loves him a smoothie. Sleeps with at least 20 stuffed animals and takes inventory every night before falling asleep- if one is missing, you can bet I'm in there to find it before he lays down. Loves to point out my freckles. Has to clean up his room before he goes to sleep and every single toy has it's place- don't screw it up. Says his prayers. Takes his own selfies. He has the most gorgeous skin. Breakfast is his favorite meal. Asks to go to Target on a daily basis to get a sticker from "da gurl" - good [and bad] thing we live across the street huh?!
Can you tell that I'm kind of obsessed with him?!


  1. So sweet! My daughter used to say "hold you" when she wanted to be held or carried. Still does sometimes and I love it! :)

  2. Aww I hope grace says hold you!! Too cite and he's getting so bjg!!

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