Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Yeah yeah yeah. I know. I didn't keep up like I said that I would. In fact, I failed miserably.
So, here's my explanation/excuse/lameness on my lack of 

What Is Hudson Up To Wednesday
 A few people have asked why I haven't been honest answer. I don't get a nap time anymore. ha. I know that sounds so lame, but seriously, I don't get a nap time anymore. 

I was such a mean mom and took Hudson's naps away right after we got back from Christmas break. He wasn't going to sleep until eleven at night, and that just wasn't working for me...or him, considering then he wanted to sleep until ten the next morning. So I made the hardest decision ever, and cut his naps. I don't know who it has been harder for, me or him. He still continues to ask for a nap daily, and I have to be extremely careful what time we get in the car, or he is passed out in the car seat within seconds. This also means that my "me time" is officially non-existent....hence the no blogging.

But, don't even worry, I still take plenty of pictures, and they just pile up on my phone and camera....and he is still as cute as, but really.

 See, I told you.

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  1. Miss this sweet boy and his beautiful momma and handsome daddy!


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