Monday, February 13, 2012


remember this post?!
Well, i reminded last night while talking to a good friend that I haven't updated about my progress. I'm not sure why, considering this was the way I'm holding myself accountable!
I promise I will start doing better!

Where to start, Where to start?!
Golds Gym officially knows who I am, says hi to me by name, and my Zumba instructor misses me when I'm not able to be there! I think these are all signs that I'm going enough!
Since writing that post almost a month ago, I've only missed a few days at the gym, I've lost almost 8lbs [woohoo.] It's been tough work, I won't lie to you but I'm loving every single lost pound.

r e v e l a t i o n s:
  • Once Hudson is in bed at night, all I want to do is jump into bed and sleep too so I've found that I need to be dressed in my work out clothes [which usually means I don't need to change from what I wore during the day!] tennis shoes on, IPOD charged, my bag and keys by the door, and water in my water bottle, while I'm putting the little man to sleep, or I won't make it out the door.
  • I've figured out that I tend to plan out my treadmill walking/running time around my favorite nightly TV shows. I know that sounds a little funny, but I tend to push myself a little bit more...  "I can totally make it through the next commercial!"
  • I have calculated out the best time to go to the gym and know, when all the macho, wannabe body builder, too tan, ripped t-shirt, lifted pick-up truck [compensating] men are using all of the equipment! I can't compete with Monday-Thursday you will find that I'm one of the last people to leave the gym before it's closed.
  • This past week, I've been on a crazy "sweet" kick. Now obviously I don't want to ruin everything I have going so far, so I've gone back to what I know and love...frozen fruit...especially frozen grapes. They kick that sweet tooth where they know it's going to hurt!
  • I've been training for the 5k I signed up for, and let me just tell you, there is a reason that I'm a wanna be runner, but there is no turning back now!
  • I've learned that I couldn't do this without the support of SO many people, especially Kalob. Right now, it helps tremendously that he locks himself in our bedroom to study for his PE exam, until its time to go to sleep...So there has been no temptation to stay home and hang out with him, because lets me honest...I have no idea where to even start with....Thermodynamics.
\Delta U = Q - W = Q - \int p_{ext} dV = Q - p_{ext}\Delta V

\kappa_{T} = -\frac{1}{V}\left(\frac{\partial V}{\partial p}\right)_T
H = U + pV \,\!
A = U - TS \,\!
G = H - TS = \sum_{i} \mu_{i} N_{i} \,\!
dU\left(S,V,{n_{i}}\right) = TdS - pdV + \sum_{i} \mu_{i} dN_i
dH\left(S,p,n_{i}\right) = TdS + Vdp + \sum_{i} \mu_{i} dN_{i}
dA\left(T,V,n_{i}\right) = -SdT - pdV + \sum_{i} \mu_{i} dN_{i}
dG\left(T,p,n_{i}\right) = -SdT + Vdp + \sum_{i} \mu_{i} dN_{i}
\alpha_{p} = \frac{1}{V}\left(\frac{\partial V}{\partial T}\right)_p\left(\frac{\partial U}{\partial V}\right)_T = T\left(\frac{\partial p}{\partial T}\right)_V - p
\mu_{JT} = \left(\frac{\partial T}{\partial p}\right)_H

Whatever that is!
  • I've also come to terms that when I return home, that I will never get the best parking space. I will have to park at least 3 buildings down, I will have to walk in the cold single digits, and all that sweat on my forehead- it will be frozen by the time I make it to the front door!
  • You will never be able to drink enough water...ever. Now its just a normal thing to use the bathroom umpteen zillion times during the day.
  • Chobani Yogurt = best creation ever. hands down.
  • If I ever get the chance to do a few push ups or sit ups while Hudson is playing on the floor, he thinks it's hilarious. I don't know whether to take it personal, but I'm pretty sure I get a better ab workout from laughing than I do doing actual sit ups.
I'm hoping for another wicked amazing week!

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  1. you are such a rockstar mom. wish we lived closer so we could zumba together! love you!


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