Monday, January 16, 2012

no more excuses...

with it being a fresh new year and all, the blog has been re-amped and I'm loving every bit of it!
I've decided that this blog is not only going to be a way to keep our family and friends a little bit closer while we are living here in Colorado, but to also give a little inspiration, motivation, and of course, a few laughs along the way. I will be trying some new recipes [some may just be epic fails.], attempting to make this little Colorado condo more like a "home" with a few crafts [I've been in complete denial that we may be living here longer than we initially thought],trying to break some bad habits [some are going to be brutal!], & I'll be getting a little more personal. So go ahead...follow the blog...or stalk. [which ever word you prefer!]

First, we get personal. This is a topic I never, ever talk about. I think it's because it's sensitive and I'm one to always put a smile on my face and make it okay- even if it's so far from "okay". I've been writing this post for about three days, erasing, undo-ing, deleting it over and over. But, I'm letting my guard down. I'm saying it out loud [I'm hoping it may give me secret wings or something!] Starting [deep breath]

After I came home from the hospital, I was a little slow at moving but I lost all my baby weight [30ish lbs] within 2 weeks. I was ecstatic. I would weigh myself at least twice a day, just to be sure that it was really happening that fast! This..."carrying a baby around for nine months/stretch marks/pushing for 5.5 hours/ultimately ending in a emergency c-section/hospital stay for a week/breast feeding" thing was really working out nicely for me! I was back in my pre-pregnancy jeans as soon as my doctor took off the last of the bandaging on my scar and I was feeling a m a z i n g.
I wish I could say that this story ended there, happily ever after, and I could tell you that I felt that "amazing" feeling still, 8months later. But slowly, the weight has crept up on me, and I'm running out of excuses. Although I would choose sweats over jeans any day of the week, hands down, I want my jeans to at least fit like they used to, without the "extension" band I used when I was nine months pregnant! I can't keep saying "I just had a baby", "I'll start on Monday", " I don't have time", " I'm tired", "It's winter and it's freezing outside"!
  • There will be 20398203958203985025 Mondays before I die. Which one is it going to be?!
  • I have plenty of time! "Someone who is busier that you, is running right now."
  • I'm not "sleepy" tired. I'm tired of waiting for next week, month, year.
I've never been a size zero, or even a 2 [for the sake of numbers], and I don't want to be! But I do want to feel comfortable in my own skin. I'm not looking for a certain number on the [dreaded] scale. I'm looking for a feeling of satisfaction. A feeling of "healthy-ness". That feeling when I can go into my closet, and not try on 5 different shirts, before ending up, in a drawer, pulling out sweats and a sweatshirt.
So, with it being a new year and all, and a little motivation from a friend, Ashley, over at Make It and Love It & her New Year, New You, and Pinterest [of course] I think it's about time to actaully make and fulfill a "resolution". When I think about it, it's actually pretty simple. Either I'm going to do it, or I'm not. There is no grey area here. I'm ready for a new me. A happier me. A healthier me. I'm ready for a lifestyle change, not a Monday-Friday thing. I'm not looking for a quick fix, I'm looking for a change that is going to be permanent. I obviously can't expect any results from excuses!
It's time to whip my butt into gear [and shape].
I will be updating my progress on this blog, not for approval or applause, but for me to be held accoutable for these actions. It's one thing to publish this post, and make a "board" on pinterest, but it's going to be another to follow through and see some serious progress!

Gold's Gym - you will be mine in a matter of hours.
New Workout Playlist - get ready to be used.
Sweats- so much more "wear" time.
Who's with me?
Need a "motivation" buddy?!
Need to be held accoutable!?
Let me know, because I'm all for it!


  1. Good for you! I know that this is something that most women struggle with, so know you aren't alone. So lucky you get to join Gold's Gym! Take the BodyPump class- it's a great way to shape your body. I took the class for a year in California, and got ah-mazing results. Also, if you want to start running we should get a group together to run the Sweetheart Race here in Loveland on Feb. 11th (the Saturday before Valentines). That way we'll have a goal and then something tangible to keep us to it!

    1. lets do it! I'm all in! that will give me something to work towards! thank you! :) I'll have to get some info from you soon!

  2. I am in too! and share your playlist! I wish you were here because NO ONE ELSE goes to Golds besides me! maybe we can do classes from a distance or something!! be my buddy please please!!! i miss you sweet friend!

  3. Good for you. My wife and I are going to lose a bunch of weight this year. Keep it up.


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