Wednesday, February 15, 2012


what is hudson up to wednesdays...

More like what is Hudson up to every single second of every single day....

making messes.
and who do I blame?!
myself, of course!

What am I supposed to do? Stop him?! hahaha.
He literally leaves a mess every single place he goes...
how early is too early to teach the "clean up song?!"
We certainly have a boy on our hands.
A l l   b o y!
This past week has literally flown by! And this is the first week, since Hudson has been born that I don't have a single picture of him. I'm a little sad about it, but to be honest, I've come to the conclusion that he just grows up way to fast to capture it all!
  • Hudson is pretty much off of formula all together. I know it's a little early, but he wants nothing to do with it [helping mommy and daddy's grocery bill- that's for sure!] I would rather eat "big kid" food too!
  • One of my favorite parts this week...walked into Carters to get Hudson some new church pants, and walked out with pajamas for $3 each! I think I about died and went to heaven!
  • This boy has been very particular about what he eats...but just in the morning! One day it's mommy's oatmeal, and today it was mommy's green smoothie...I think he drank more of it than I did!
  • He can stand all by himself and then slowly sits down. His control and balance have gotten so much better this last week...I don't think it's going to be too much longer until one morning he decides he wants to walk instead of crawl!
  • Valentine's Day cards were a huge hit amongst our family!
  • one week [only one week people!] until Nana comes.This kid doesn't even know what's about to take place!!!
I know it's not much, but we made it through another week in the Komma house!


  1. ah hahah goodness! At least he is worth it... So stinkin cute that boy is... And yay for standing and nana!

    Ps elise... doin a giveaway with your name on it :)

  2. you better believe i'm ALL over that lady!


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