Tuesday, October 8, 2013

"pukin pat".

I've been a little MIA lately, but only because we have had the most amazing week with my parents, nana and papa. 
It will take a least a week to catch up on all the pictures and everything we did, but first, we have to talk about the "pukin pat".
Let me first start by saying that anything that we get to do with Nana and Papa, it will turn into Hudson's favorite thing...so this entire week, will turn into all of Hudson's favorite things, I'm sure.

My parents have been here every year in October, and we have made it a tradition to pick out pumpkins with them. This year, I found the most amazing pumpkin patch, about 45 minutes away, but it was so incredibly worth the drive! I honestly think we will all be disappointed in any other patch we will ever go to, [if we ever go to another patch.]


  Goodness we love them so much.

Out of any pumpking that he could have chosen, 
he chose the littlest white one.

My dad was in awwww of their pumpkin bread.

Hudson was in love with all the animals.

 and the pumpkin launching.

 and riding the barrel trains.

and going through the maze.

I was absolutely loving Hudson's reaction to everything. I knew holidays were going to be even more awesome when I had a kid, but I never knew how awesome it was going to be when they actually understood what was going on!

 Told you, most amazing pumpkin patch ever.
This face says it all.

We are calling this week "recovery" week, again but I have so much more to bring you.
It always seems that way when we are with my family huh?!


  1. Looks like so much fun sweet girl :)

  2. Great pictures, Elise! Hudson is one lucky kid to have such wonderful grandparents(and parents, too)!


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