Monday, September 30, 2013

i cannot do everything.

After receiving the call that our rental house in Boise was going to become vacant three months earlier than we thought, I may have a little breakdown, and another breakdown after that. The timing was horrible, I had JUST left Boise, and we weren't planning on another trip back to Idaho until Christmas. Oh the joys of being home owners, living in another state, & renting out their home. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, DON'T DO IT. It's by far the biggest stress, ever. 
Anyway, after that phone call, I got to work putting the house on the "rental market", getting flyers up and printed, coordinating everything, getting showings scheduled...etc.etc.etc. because that's just what I do. 
Stay busy with little projects when I'm stressed.

The original plan was to drive back up to Boise and show the house myself, until...

Thank you Clinton Kelly.

Literally, I saw this quote and had some sort of epiphany.
I called my sister, hired her as our "showing agent", hired a "fixer-upper", had everything printed and put together, and just let go.

This was the first time that I would not be the one showing the home. this would be the first time that I wouldn't be the one cleaning the house before a showing and making sure it smelt like fresh cookies, or cinnamon. this was the first time I had to let go, and although I was mostly forced, I did it. 
I'm so happy to report that without even putting up a "for rent" sign outside of the house, hanging flyers,only posting a "for rent ad" on craigslist once,  and only 6 days on the "rental market"...
 We have renters. Legit, real, amazing, renters.

Once again, I am struck and put back in my place because...
everything always works outs. always.
It may not be the way I thought, but seriously, it always works out.
I'm sighing  B I G  sighs of relief today.


  1. That is so cool! I definitely have to remind myself of that. It always seems to be when things are out of your control. Congrats on renting the house so fast! That's so awesome!

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  3. Oh how wonderful! That's awesome! I hope things continue to fall into place for you this way, for as long as you are needing to rent out your house.


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