Wednesday, October 9, 2013


I don't think you will have to ask "what is hudson up to", considering this kid has been absolutely spoiled rotten this past week, but if you must know...
What Is Hudson Up To Wednesday...
When we started our countdown until nana and papa were coming [we started at 4 days and counted down], Hudson would wake up and tell me everything, absolutely everything, that he wanted to show them, where he wanted to take them, what he wanted to eat, what he wanted to play...everything...for four days straight. Luckily, those four days went by fast, and we got to do whatever he wanted to do, while they were here.
One of his most favorite things is the Denver Aquarium.
I had posted a few weeks ago about our visit to the aquarium over shark week, and ever since that visit, he asks to go see the "fishies, and the mermaids", daily.
 So of course we had to share his excitement with Nana and Papa. 
It did not disappoint.

this is one of my favorite pictures. 
This fish was gigantic [clearly], and Hudson would walk against the glass and follow it.

I still find it so bizarre that right in the middle of a large aquarium, they have three tigers, but whatever.

Right before the mermaid show.
Hudson was loving the divers, and the divers were loving Hudson.
This kid has charm.

I hate that these pictures are a bit blurry, but Hudson was able to feed the sting-rays.
He tells me now that they were icky, and slimy, but at the time, he was loving it, me...not so much. 
They seriously had to suck on his entire arm to get the stinkin' fish.
Whatever makes the kid happy.

And to think, this was only a few hours of our week with Nana and Papa.
Recovery week continues in our house, 
just in time for us to get ready to head back to Boise for a few days...
When we moved to Colorado three years ago, we never thought in a million years that we would be so lucky to live states away from my family, and still be able to see them as often as we do. I always say that I'd love for our lives to slow down, but I honestly think that we would be so bored...and this kid can't go very long without seeing his Nana and Papa, so we have to keep up the pace, and this year we are doing just that. 

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