Wednesday, September 25, 2013


After cleaning the fish tank today [yes, the fish tank.], 
I realized that I haven't told you about the newest member of our little family...

I don't really remember it all happening...all of sudden we were checking out of the store with a big, beautiful, red, male, beta fish, who Hudson wanted to kiss and hug and hold and carry and love on the entire time we were shopping. 
Clearly, Hudson asked and I caved WAY TOO FAST.

He chose out his fish, the color, the size, the exact one he wanted.

He picked the color of pebbles that he liked.

Hudson wakes up every morning and asks to "check" on Berto. I won't lie, I'm nervous everytime that I will wake in and Berto will no longer be know lifespan of some fish right?!
But alas, Berto is going on three weeks now and I think he is one happy fish.
And a happy fish, means that I also have one happy Hudson.

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  1. Good luck with your new red friend! Hope he lives a long time!


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