Sunday, September 22, 2013

a refreshing date...

I'm hoping everyone had an amazing weekend.
This weekend was a HUGE weekend in our house...and we chalked off a "first".

Saturday night marked the first night in over two and a half years, that Kalob and I, left Hudson, with someone other than my parents [who live in a different state] to go out, just the two of us. 

Kalob and I were asked to attend a wonderful charity event to support the american cancer society. We of course excepted and were thrilled to go and support and participate in such an amazing event. 

Do you guys remember your first date?! Or any dates for that matter?!
I dated the same guy throughout high school, and then when I hit college- it was a whole new ball game. Getting ready for dates took time, effort, and a few days to prepare- right?! haha.
I remember sitting on the counter and doing my make-up, over and over and over. I know that Sam, my roommate and girl behind the blog Life as Mrs. B can attest to this, and most of the time, she was doing the same exact thing right next to me. 

I've been married for over three years now, and I don't think I've ever been so incredibly nervous for a freakin date, than I was for this date. Kalob took Hudson for a few hours so that I would have time to get ready and get things ready for Hudson...and it's the first time in over a year that I can remember getting "this" ready.

My mommy heart was hurting and I was a complete disaster of nerves. Everything runs through your mind...what if he's not nice. what if he cries. what if he doesn't tell them that he has to go potty. what if they can't calm him down. what if he needs to be disciplined. what if. what if. what if. What's funny when I look back on it, is that I used to be a nanny, for multiple families. I used to be on the other end of things and would think it was so funny when parents worried so much...and now that I'm the parent, I can honestly say, I'm ten times worse that those parents ever were. I made Hudson dinner, packed his tractors, his animals, his airplane, snacks, two sets of extra clothes, my insurance know- the essentials, all to be dropped off at a good friends house, who has a little girl Hudson's age, and to a house we have play dates at sometimes a few times a week. I know - I know.

I can thankfully say, Hudson had an amazing time. We are so lucky that we have such amazing friends that we trust with the most valuable thing we have.
I can thankfully say, there were no tears, from him or me.
I can also say, thankfully, that Kalob and I had an amazing time as well. There is something so refreshing about holding my husbands hand for more than a few seconds, without Hudson wanting to break that up to hold our hands, which I love don't get me wrong, but it's refreshing, there's no other word.

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  1. I remember leaving my kids for the first time, not at a family member. I think we only left for an hour and a half. I couldn't take it! ;o) Looks like you had fun!


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