Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Like I've said before, after coming back from a long trip to Boise, we always need at least a week to a vacation from our vacation. So this week we've been in our pjs, sleeping in, watching shows, going on walks in the rain, and trying to catch up....on everything.

So for WIHUTW...I'm going to share two very important lessons I learned while traveling with a toddler.

Always, and I mean ALWAYS, 
travel with your absolutely adorable toddler & have goldfish on hand.

 Especially when you get pulled over in Wyoming...without insurance or your registration. 
Yep, you read all of that right. Let me prefrence this by saying...I've never been pulled over, never gotten a ticket, and never been in wreck. We were driving along...4 mph over the speed limit, and on came the lights. At that moment, I thought I was going to vomit, all over, multiple times. I knew I didn't have my registration with me and I knew I didn't have insurance. [my duplicate title didn't come through before I left, so my insurance had been canceled for 2 weeks...ooooppppps.] I was screwed, and it was going to be one expensive ticket. All I could think was- I'm either going to jail, or Kalob is going to KILL me...or maybe even both. The officer came to the window, asked if everything was okay, told me I was going a little fast, and asked for the usual, license, registration, and insurance. Hudson pops in from the back seat, and says "okay." The officer started laughing and asked Hudson a few questions, but not before Hudson handed him some goldfish and gave him a good high five and a pound. I handed him my license and told him that's all I had. His answer surprised me when he said "Oh that's fine. I'll go back to my car and check some things out and I'll be right back." The officer was back at his car for what seemed like FOREVER. When he finally made it back to my window, he said he could be writing me a $520 ticket for not having insurance, but that he was going to let me off, as long as when I returned back to Colorado, I switched all of my "car stuff" to Colorado, instead of Idaho. DONE AND DONE. He talked to Hudson some more, took a few more goldfish, quoted Finding Nemo to Hudson, and then left. I can say with all the confidence, that Hudson saved me ALOT of money. Good thing I don't go anywhere without him right?!

Always, and I mean ALWAYS
unplug the landline telephone in your hotel when travel with a toddler.

So because we split our trip into days, Kalob booked us a hotel in Utah. We have never stayed in a hotel with Hudson, so I was a little nervous how he would do sleeping with me, and in a different sleeping environment....but he loved beyond love. Of course we jumped on the bed, and watched tv in bed....and I'm not going to lie, it was pretty awesome having this kid snuggle up to me at night, and want to hold my hand...selfishly I was loving this time. 
On the way home, we stayed in the same hotel, and did the exact same things when we checked into our room. We were supposed to meet up with a friend and her boys that night for dinner, so we checked in, and started to get ready. I called my mom to let her know that we had made it to Utah, and Hudson had discovered the land line telephone. He thought it was pretty neat, and I didn't see any problem with it. I even remember telling my mom "oh my gosh, I think Hudson is calling people!"
About five minutes later, I plopped Hudson in the bath tub, and heard a phone ring, I walked out to the room, and no phone was ringing anymore. I walked back to the bathroom, finished up Hudson's bath, and started getting ready [we had maybe been there for about twenty days]...but that ended quickly when my hotel door suddenly opened and SIX POLICE OFFICERS and TWO HOTEL MANAGERS walked in.
I jumped back, grabbed Hudson off the potty [BUTT NAKED], screamed a little scream, and just stood in the bathroom, backed up to the wall...completely shocked.
"Oh ma'am, we are so sorry. We received two 911 calls followed by a hang up. When the hotel tried to call you back, nobody answered, so we needed to come and check things out."
I just started laughing, and then looked at Hudson.
Hudson had pressed the "emergency" button on the telephone...twice...and hung up when someone started talking! I was giving Hudson a bath when the hotel tried calling me back to make sure I was okay, and didn't hear the phone ringing in time.
The officers asked to check in the closets, under the bed, and in the shower.
Asked for a statement and all our information...even what car I drove.
"Just wanted to make sure you weren't being held against your will."
Once again, Hudson was handing out high fives and fist pumps...still naked.
I mean, I guess I'm grateful that they came, 
because if I really was being held against my will, I wouldn't have been for long....
Only in Utah. 
Only in Utah. 
Okay, so now I have three lessons learned.
THREE: my life would be so incredibly boring without this kid. [I'm pretty sure I already knew that though...]

Oh and why am I just now getting around to knowing that Starbucks has smoothies?! 
Because Hudson is obsessed.
He could totally be a spokes person for Starbucks right?!
[he wouldn't even have to speak!]

Pretty sure it's safe to say that I've learned more about myself, and life in general, while being a mom, than I have in my [pretty eventful] 25 years of life.


  1. Oh my gosh, too funny about Hudson and the goldfish and that policeman! But I think I would have had a heart attack if that many people came bursting into my room, haha! Well at least you know there are a lot of policemen around keeping you safe :) You are brave making that trip by yourself! Trips with kids are so much work! So fun but so much work! I hope I'll someday be as brave as you and take a trip anyway if the hubs can't come! But it looks like you had an amazing time :)

  2. Awesome kid to have him talk to a cop like that! ;o) I got pulled over for the first time ever about a year ago. (didn't have a front plate) Anyways, hubs was kind enough to laugh at me the entire time because I was so stinking nervous. You would think being married to a cop would help, it didn't!

    Blessings, Laura

  3. Well he sure is ADORABLE!!!
    Stop by my blog and say hi.


  4. That is too funny about Hudson! Sounds like you had a very eventful trip (:


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