Monday, September 16, 2013

DIY Lego table...

I'm so incredibly grateful that I finished Hudson's room a few weeks ago. We live in Colorado, and if you haven't heard or haven't been paying attention, we are completely under water. Literally under water and in the middle of a massive flood. We have been pretty much stranded for the past few days, due to the amount of rain, road closures, roads buckling, and really just unsafe to be outside. Luckily we live high enough that we haven't been affected as much as those in surrounding cities, but we have had to get very creative to keep Hudson busy enough to not be naughty, and having his bedroom completed has been an absolute life savor to my sanity!
Part of his room re-do [you can see the finished product here.] I decided to creat his very own lego table. I don't know why it took me so long to get around to making one [you'll probably be saying the same thing when you read this tutorial - if you can even call it that!], considering it took me all of about ten minutes and under $30. That beats other lego tables going for over $100-200!! 
And if i'm being honest, it turned out pretty dang fabulous...just sayin'...I will probably always say that on projects this easy!

  • Lego Table found on Amazon...the specific table I used is no longer availalable, but here is one exactly like it, that I'm sure would work just fine for this little project.

  • Lego Boards also found on Amazon, and can be found here. I bought four of them to cover the width of the table.

I used heavy duty double sided tape to secure the boards down. [I'm sure you could use hot glue or something more permanent, but lets just say, these boards are not going anywhere!]
I had to do a little math with the width and length of the table and boards, and luckily, they fit perfectly. 4x4. And if you know my math skills this is an absolute miracle!

No joke. 
That's it. 
Done and done.
Darling, right?!

It fits right into Hudson room in the corner, and even [most] of the bigger duplo legos fit!
Which is great because I don't think Hudson's little hands are ready for the "real" legos, and my vacuum is not ready to be eating them up!


  1. I love how simple it is to make! I will definitely be keeping this in mind when we get my sons room all set up! :D

  2. Thank you for this; I have been wanting one for my son for a while!

    Also, I nominated you for the Oh So Fabulous award. Check out the details here:


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