Tuesday, September 10, 2013

saying goodbye is always hard...

After a trip to Boise, you can ALWAYS expect a post full of pictures...so more of a photo dump.
but with all of these pictures comes amazing memories. Some memories that Hudson won't remember at all, but memories that I have to capture, so that some day the stories will be never-ending, and the people that love him the most, will always be in the forefront. 

[Hudson's very obedient, and every time we would tell the dogs to sit on ur walks,
 Hudson would plop down as well.]

Man, doesn't look like this kid had any fun right?!
We have lived in colorado for a little over three years now. I have traveled back home to Boise over 20 times since then, and every single time, without fail, we have spent a few hours with this girl. She stood by my on my wedding day and she is still one of the most amazing friends and [adopted] aunts that hudson and I could ever ask for! Times have certainly changed. Jena and I used to sit in Starbucks for hours and just talk, catch up, cry, laugh, and talk through some pretty big decisions. Now, we bring Hudson along and nothing beats a morning of Starbucks, gossip, and the park with Aunty Jena.

[this picture just melts my heart. This is Hudson's great grandma, 
and I'm so grateful he gets to have a relationship with her.]

Saying goodbye is always the hardest. 

We always have a bit of a rough transition every time we come home. 
He cries for Nana and Papa and asks where the dogs are at least ten times the days following our trips.
Poor kid probably gets pretty confused, but the smile on his face every time we pull up to the house is so incredibly worth it. We have been averaging a trip to Boise, or a trip from my family once a month this summer, so the countdowns are short. 
Next up will be my parents flying out to Colorado to spend a few days here in October.
Papa told him on our way out the door that we would be riding in a tractor to get pumpkins...Hudson hasn't forgotten. hopefully we find a tractor to ride or this kid is going to be disappointed! :)

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