Monday, September 9, 2013

survival of the roadtrip.

We survived our trip to Boise, and when I say survive, I mean I drive, by myself, with a two year old who has only been out of diapers for a little over a month, from Colorado to Idaho. My plan was to drive it all in one day, but I finally realized, after much convincing, that was a little ambitious. So we split it into two days, stayed in Utah, in a hotel [that was an eventful experience!], and then finished our drive the following day! 

[best way to travel in my opinion.]

[oh the decision that had to be made. I literally waited for a good ten minutes for another pump to open up, and finally just had to suck it up and swipe my car next to this guy...]
[This was Hudson's first experience in a hotel...and he thought it was the coolest thing ever. Of course we jumped on the bed, ate a free breakfast that he got to choose, use a different bathroom, watch a new TV, and stay up WAY past our bedtime.]

I wasn't quite sure how Hudson would do, in big boy underwear, on a long road trip, but once again, this kid is a freakin' champ! We were by a gas station or a rest stop every time he told me he had to go, except one...and that is when I thank my stars for having a boy. You pull on over, [take an awesome picture of course], go, and move along our he is officially a "real boy".

Things I learned our roadtrip:

-You can never sing wheels on the bus enough...especailly when you are an awesome mom like me, and actually honk the horn on "beep beep beep".
- This kid can hold it for a loooooooong time.
- Plan your "leaving time" around nap time. every time.
-Teach your kid how to navigate his kindle all by himself....On and Off, volume, from movie to angry birds, to angry birds to coloring pages, from coloring pages to the piano.
- When we drive as a family, Kalob always drives, and I usually sleep. I was really wishing he was there around the time we hit Wyoming...45min into our drive.

This week I will be catching up on our trip and telling some pretty memerable the time Hudson called 911, or the time I got out of a speeding ticket...just to name a few!

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