Monday, August 26, 2013

operation decoration...REVEAL!!!

You guys... #operationdecoration
[yes, I just used a hash-tag in a blog a problem with that?!]
is completely finished and was an absolute success. I can't even begin to tell you how much I love Hudson's "new" room. I've been planning and searching, and planning and planning for a LONG time...ideas were just floating around in my head, and when ideas's not long before I have every idea mapped out on a pinterest board. After my Pinterest board is ready...the sketches begin to customize everything, and my Husband then knows that I'm serious.
 [totally scary I know.]

I just couldn't stop there. it just seemed plan and kinda lame...
so I got a little creative on how I would fill the space between the shelves.


I literally had about 20 paint brushes, and 20 different plates full of those amazing colors.
I put Hudson in a baggy old tshirt and just handed him different paint brushes, one right after the other.
He was annoyed by my giving and taking, but
he created that 30x40 canvas art all by himself.
[He even blew it dry with a hair dryer.]
Every single person that comes over, he takes them and shows them his picture, and then points out his hand.... we will call it his signature for now! 

Then, I just kept going...
and added a pretty stinkin' awesome Lego table. [DIY tutorial coming soon!]
I also finally found a puzzle holder that would fit all of our puzzles!

I'm obsessed with how it turned out.
Everything has a place.
It's clean.
It's simple.
And yet, it's so incredibly functional.


I gave Hudson choices between two fabrics for the curtains.
He chose between paint colors for his art project.
He even chose the toys he wanted to keep and what toys
 he wanted to give away when we purged our toy bins.
I wanted this room to be his...and not just because he sleeps in there.
He has never played so much with his toys than he has the last couple of days.

I swear, I'm going to wake up tomorrow and this kid is going to be packing his things for college...


  1. It turned out so great!! I love the canvas art! That is such a great idea!! Love it! :)

  2. love it! and that one-of-a-kind canvas art, amazing! Great job!

  3. Wow everything in that room is amazing!! I love the bookshelf, that is perfect!! I'm really interested in seeing the Lego table DIY post; my son would love that.

  4. whaoo.....great job
    visit mine too,if you like we could follow each other

  5. Awesome new look. The painting is absolutely fabulous. I cannot wait to try this with my 3 year old grandson. I think we will make a few over the next few months. They will make great Christmas gifts. Thanks for the idea. Visiting from the life of a not so ordinary wife.

    Barbara @


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