Wednesday, August 7, 2013


What Is Hudson Up To Wednesday.

 It was a big and busy week around here.
First, I think it's safe to say, that we are fully potty trained.
I know I know. I'm sure there will be won't always be this perfect, but Hudson is in big boy underwear all day long, unless he is sleeping. 
Because he is still in a crib, there is no way he can get out himself to go to the bathroom if he has to until we make that transition, he will be in a diaper/pull up during naps and bedtime.
He has done amazing.
We still celebrate every time he goes.
He loves picking out his underwear in the many choices!
We have also started ventruing out for longer periods of time...2 hours, even 3 hours at a time.

example 1: A little farm time.
 I know this farm has made it's deput on this blog a few times before,
 but I have to say again, it's pretty awesome. 
You buy some food.

And you feed all of the animals.
  The goats are little beggars, but Hudson made sure he fed them all...multiple times.

We also made our way to the fair this week.
This is the first year that hudson has been old enough to ride the rides all by himself.
Once we were done, I just sat in the car and couldn't believe that my "baby" rode a carnival ride, by himself.
He can't be big enough to do that yet right?!
[if you can't tell, I would love a time machine right about now.]

 Fair Round 1:

 Fair Round 2:
It just happened to be pouring down rain when we got to the top of the Ferris Wheel, 
but it was still perfect.
and of course, Hudson rode, every ride, again, and again.
I texted my parents on our way home and thanked them for always taking us to do fun things when we were younger...this stuff can get  e.x.p.e.n.s.i.v.e.
especially when you can't say no to a little boy who just wants to ride  
one. more. time.
 So incredibly worth it to see a smile on his face.
 I mean, the fair only comes around once a year!

And then I leave you with this.
My little man.
[4 months old.]
 And my  little big man now.
If he wants to accessorize, he will accessorize.
And match while he does it.
 can. not. get. enough.

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