Wednesday, July 31, 2013


I know WIHUTW are usually a jumbled mess...and today is no different. 
I have this massive fear of losing, my blog, word documents...although we backup my computer at least once a when it comes to pictures, I feel like I need to put them in multiple different places, just in case. 

We woke up the other morning and I asked Hudson what he wanted to eat for breakfast.
Me: "What do you want for breakfast buggy?"
Hudson: [jumping up and down] "breakfast breakfast breakfast" [but it totally sounded like "pankakes"]
Me: "You want pancakes. Hudson, you don't even like bread, you won't like pancakes...oh and we've never had do you even know?!"
Hudson: "OHHHHHHHHH"[bolted into the kitchen, opens the cupboard, and gets the muffin tins!"
[cupcakes and muffins are the same thing in this house.]
After telling Hudson that we couldn't have cupcakes for breakfast, and we didn't have any muffin mix...I saw the biggest alligator tears roll down his face, the puffiest bottom lip, and a massive meltdown...
We made cupcakes, from scratch, at 9am, on a monday, for breakfast.
Yep. I'm that kind of [awesome] mom!


Hudson also has this new found love for his train.
If you remember this train, it was handmade by my grandpa for Hudson this past Christmas.
Yes, handmade, hand carved, painted..all for Hudson.
He lines them all up, connects them, sings a song, and takes them all around the house.
He has been asking to sleep with them too...clearly can not get enough!
It's the only toy that holds his attention for more than 3 minutes.
And that makes this mama happy!

We have absolutely loved having bikes this summer.
[never thought I'd say that, huh dad?!]
We are lucky enough to live right by about 5 lakes within biking distance, 
and ride to go see the "FISHHHHEEEEE!" before bed.
And when we hit the lake right as the sun is setting...
pretty dang amazing.

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