Wednesday, July 24, 2013


 Or I should probably say
POTTY 101.
We have all been a little MIA.
But for a very exciting, crazy, and amazing reason.
It's only been 5 days, but I'm pretty dang positive that we can say that Hudson is taking this "potty training" thing like a freakin' rockstar. 
We have only had 2 accidents [one in the car, one outside]...hey, at least it wasn't on my carpet!
We were hermits this passed weekend, but it payed off.
More candy was eaten [by Hudson of course.] More movies were rented, downloaded and watched, and more "naked time" was spent, this weekend...than in his entire life.

 I have heard horror stories of potty training.
So we were a little nervous, but we knew we wanted to do it...and we were prepared for the worse.
 Someday I will learn to
N  E  V  E  R 

When we go in the car or outside, Hudson gets so excited 
because he gets to pick out some "wears" [underwear].
His little bum is stinkin' adorable, right?!

Want to potty train your kid?!
Get some candy. 
An entire jar of it.
Every single kind you can think of.

Oh and get some stickers.

and of course, after our first accident, he was completely disgusted and to the bath we went...




  Seriously, we are so beyond proud of this boy.
We laid in bed last night and couldn't believe how much he has grown up.
Sure, we have some rough days, but goodness we love him.
Do you know that feeling, when you think of someone, and you get so incredibly overwhelmed, want to scream, get the biggest smile on your face, and you feel like you may burst?! No?!
Okay, well that's exactly how I feel when I think of Hudson.
Spend a minute with his'll know what I'm talking about.

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