Friday, July 19, 2013

summer 2014.

The other day, I had a Facebook friend post a stays about already planning for back to school and school supplies, and then asked "am I crazy?!". I literally laughed out loud and thought 
"if people think she is crazy for bring prepared just a few months in advance, then I wonder what people think of me being prepared an entire YEAR ahead." 
Yep, that's right, I'm prepared for summer 2014. Well, Hudson is anyway and will have some dang cute clothes on his chunky legs. i started "shopping ahead" starting last year when I had a better idea of Hudson's growth pattern. this years haul made a debut the other day on Instagram. I wasn't thinking it would catch so much attention. 
10 pairs of shorts, 5 button-up/dress shirts, 2 swim suits/rash guards, 5 shoes/sandals, & 26 casual cotton part- all of this name brand clothing for under $120. no joke. 9 different shipments. The exact price $117.48. I have gotten emails, comments, and texts asking how the heck I did it. One email asked if I could shop for her children...and she was dead serious.
drum roll please.....

my secret is: 
S H O P P I  N G    O N L I N E . 
Seriously. I can not remember the last time I shopped in a store for toddler clothing.

This process is not for the impatient, considering it took me a whole two weeks just waiting for sales, seeing when promo codes go up, & refreshing my email at midnight for the next days deal. 

T.H.R.E.E. rules I live by.
1. When shopping online NEVER check out without a PROMO CODE. Whether it be for free shipping or 30% off your total...USE one. every time. if there is not one advertised on the website...type "promo code for ______[whatever site you are on]". 
2. JUSTIFY IT. I sometimes feel like a clothing hoarder, but I started to justify Hudson's clothing for amazing deals. example: I got Hudson's winter coat & snow pants, for this year, last year. A Columbia winter coat, brand new, with tags, originally $89, for $7 on eBay. HOLLA. 
[image from ebay]
So when I'm saving over $60...I will hoard, and Kalob doesn't complain.
3. SHOP AROUND. Target, Kohls, Amazon, Jcpenny, Oldnavy, Gap, Macy's, Zulily, Zara online, & have amazing deals & promo codes. eBay- oh I get a high from shopping on eBay. I have gotten so many amazing things for next to nothing. Last week I got a brand new, with tags, Gap rain coat for Hudson for...$.99 plus +1.50 in shipping. 
Ross, Marshalls, and TJMaxx: I've gotten some pretty awesome deals when I actually go into these stores...Gap, Hurley, & Carters...can all be found if you want to search.
It also helps that Hudson is in between the little kid 4t-5t clothing and the big kid x-smalls, so my inventory has doubled. The only reason I say shop around is because I aboslutely hate, hate, hate, when every 2-3 year old has the same shirt on at the park because everyone shops at the same place. FAIL. But, if this doesn't bother you, shop in one place!

[Also, one of the newest and biggest things right now are Instagram shops. You shop from your instagram and they send you an invoice through paypal. Amazing name brand clothing for amazing prices! I have noticed that a lot of these shops are for sizes newborn-12 months though. ]

I hope you all weren't hoping for some giant secret.
All in all, its not hard, but it is a bit time consuming.
I just can't turn down that amount of savings.

Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions!

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