Wednesday, July 17, 2013


After a whole week of being back from our extravaganza week, I finally feel like we are getting settled back in. It's always a rough transition, especially when a certain two year old is getting some pretty massive molars in, and asks to go in the car to nana and papa's, but we are managing....with a lot of facetime and popsicles.
But I've also determined that I'm a really mean mom. Hudson can comfirm.

What is Hudson up to Wednesday.

"mean mom" reason #20358: I've designated Thursday's to be "lunch with daddy day." even when it's 100 degrees outside and I won't let Hudson get in the water.
 reason #30279: When I make sure Hudson goes down the twisty tube slide feet first.
reason #48923: when I make him wear his red shoes instead of 
his blue shoes because that match his shirt.
reason # 83928: When I have him sit in the "baby" swing when he wants to go high.

and this look...seems to get him O U T of trouble so many times I've lost count. 
Seriously, I can't stay mad at that face, even if there is purple popsicle on the carpet [it's my fault for giving him a purple posicle, right?!] or when he finds the stool and climbs up on the counter and fills the sink up with water to the point of it over-flowing. [it's my fault for not hiding the stool well enough!]. of when there is a puddle of milk all over the kitchen floor after he tried to get some milk himself...[it's totally my fault for not getting his milk fast enough!] When he knows he's about to get in trouble, he turns on the charm, and Kalob and I usually end up in tears from laughing so dang hard. This kid knows how to work the system...clearly.
But don't worry, I can still be the 
b i g g e s t,
 b a d d e s t,
 m e a n e s t
reason # 85930: Especially when I make him sit in the cart at the store instead of "helping me push".
reason #85931: when he can only have one popsicle before bed.
reason #85932: when I make him hold my hand while we cross the street.
 reason # 85933: when I will only sing "nigh-night songs" for 10 minutes instead of 20. 
reason # 85934: I'm even more mean when I make him get out of his bubble bath after an hour, 
reason #85935: or when I limit how many times he makes "coooooookkkkkiiiieeeessss" with daddy to only one time a week.
[it's his favorite thing to do. we've started only putting one cookie in the oven, and then freezing the rest of the dough so we don't have to make new dough every single time he wants to use the mixer to make cookies. It only took a few months, but we are getting smart.].

 I know, I know. I told you, meanest mama ever. 
 You know what the craziest part of it all is...
out of the eighty-five-thousand-nine-hundred-&-thirty-five reasons that I'm the meanest mama, I bet he could come up with 85936 reasons why I'm still his best friend, why he still wants to hang out with me, and why I'm still his favorite.
I'll take any reason/number I can get!


  1. I guess I am a pretty mean momma too. ;)

  2. He is stinking cute! And you are the bet mamma around.


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