Thursday, July 11, 2013

water baby.

  Its official. I have a water baby. But it wasn't always like that.
This is Hudson's third summer and this is really the first year that he has been able to do things all by himself. 
Years prior, he really didn't have a choice to get in or out of the pool...this year has been different. kind of.
Our complex has a pool, and we were so excited to get out and use it.
But Hudson was not too sure. I had taken him by myself one afternoon, and he took one look at the pool, and said "no no no mama, home." walked to the gate, and started walking home.
I was pretty devastated.
MY kid has to like water...right?!
We made our way home. I some time to think about it, and as soon as Kalob got home,
 we headed back to the pool.
I asked kalob to get in, and I took Hudson, and threw him in.
Yep, just like that.
Mean mama?! maybe.
We were there for four more hours, and he cried when we had to leave.

Now, he wakes up and asks for "wa wa".
So, to the water we go, and in Boise, it was no exception.

[goodness, we love these people.]
love me a water baby. clearly.
 [I promise I'm not that pale...note to self: never filter a picture on instagram.]

 One thing you should know about me and my parenting.
I let Hudson learn.
Some may say I'm "hands off".
Some may think I don't care and let him do whatever
Some get a little nervous...
but, I promise, there are reasons behind it.
Main reason [not that I need to justify myself.]
He learns best that way.
Oh, and because I'm the mom. haha.

And in the water, it's no different.
So, you will find him, in the pool, like this.

 e x h i b i t   A:

e x h i b i t   B:

 Face first.
No fear.
Eyes open.
Holding his breath.

and when he runs out of breath, he brings his legs toward him and stands right up,
 takes a breath and does it again.
For hours.
[please notice that someone is right by him at all times.]
A few by-standers around the pool tried to jump in and save him, thinking he was drowning,
on more than one occasion,
 And looked at me a little funny when I just said "oh he is fine."

And then if we are not at the pool,
we are at the l a k e.

Ever since I can remember, my family has had a boat.
Family night, vacations, weekends...we were at the lake.
now that I have my own family, I want Hudson to be comfortable in and out of the water.

We are lucky enough to have amazing friends that have a boat...
and I can't say no to a perfect night at the lake!

[best of friends]


[first time tubing, and he did amazing!]
[see...perfect night.]


What more can I say...soooo loving this.

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  1. I love that Hudson is so natural in the water and will hold his breath and float! We are still working on getting my son to love the water. He loves it if he is in a floaty, but if too much of him gets in the water he is not a happy camper. But he does like to float by himself, he doesn't want me helping him at all, which I guess is nice.
    I love the fun pictures!


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