Friday, July 12, 2013

taking a dump...

Taking an "iphone" dump that is.
[what were you thinking, goodness?!]

I woke up in a panic last night, from a dream about losing all of my pictures on my phone...and the only pictures that haven't been documented or shared are the rest of our "extravaganza week" in today, a picture dump is necessary so I can sleep peacefully tonight.
And, I don't know about you, but I don't mind a few more pictures of H...but what do I know?!

[okay, I will choose any other place to eat than mcdonalds...
except at 6am for breakfast. This oatmeal is the shiz. don't trust me?! try it, and thank me later.]

 [Pretty dang positive that this smile never left his face the entire week.]

[only at nana and papa's can we eat ice cream cones, in a night time bath, with bubbles.]

Oh, I can not even tell you how much better I feel.
I would never wish upon myself that my phone crashes, drops in water, gets run over, or someone flushes it down the toilet...but if it does...I feel a little bit more prepared with my amazing amount of 3 blog posts this week...I know I know, but after not blogging more than once for the past few feels pretty dang good.

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