Wednesday, July 10, 2013


I am back. I'm now desperately trying to get back on track with this blog, and it seems a bit overwhelming when there are hundreds of pictures to be uploaded and so many posts running through my head. But before I get too far ahead of myself, the Fourth of July has to be published, because, let's be honest, it's the most amazing holiday of the year...[I'm willing to fight whoever disagrees.]
The remainder of the week will be dedicated to our fourth of July extravaganza week...yes, you heard that right...
e  x  t  r  a  v  a  g  a  n  z  a
week. and it happens every single year.
Now, because it's extravaganza week, there is only one place we will celebrate. 
b o i s e.
because it's simply the best. no questions asked.
We feel at "home" there.
[it doesn't hurt that we still own a home there]
We love it there.
The thirteen hour drive is worth every mile.
and because it's Wednesday, this will be a WIHUTW...
What is Hudson up To Wednesday.
[which should probably be, What is Hudson up to [week].]

Every Fourth of July, we start with a bbq with amazing friends and family.
And again, lets be honest, for a two year old, no holiday is complete without bubbles.
this boy and his nana.
[be still my beating heart.]
in the wonderful words of Hudson... "CAKE & NEE NEE" [jake and jenny]
love my brother.
and this guy below...he's the guy behind the blog, the hubby, and he's pretty dang amazing. 
We are lucky he puts up with our crazy fourth of July shenanigans. 

Once it gets dark, the fireworks begin.
This was the first year that Hudson has been able to stay awake for the show.
I may have been more excited about "introducing" "fire" to him than he was at first, but once those sparklers came out, I had him hooked!
Okay, it may have been the 13 salt water taffy that he ate at 11pm...
but for my "favorite holiday" sake, it was the sparklers.

 I've decided that every night should end with sparklers.
and salt water taffy.
But mostly sparklers.
Don't you think the world would be so much happier?!
I mean, how can you not smile while writing your name with a sparkler...
[and I know we are not the only family that does that.....right?!]
$30 for 365 sparklers, and 365 nights of happiness, seems like a pretty good combination to me.
Just sayin'.

This year did not disappoint.
I'm so incredibly grateful that I get to be a mom to this little man.
Sharing holidays and vacations may not seem the most ideal to some, because I've come to learn that you never really get a "vacation" as a mama, but seeing this cheesy little grin on his face the entire week, was so rewarding.

It's only Wednesday, and this week has already been a tough one.
It's gets harder and harder to leave Boise, once we are there.
Hudson goes through some pretty heartbreaking with-drawls, which usually end in tears, and those end in looking through our trip pictures on my phone, naming every person in the picture, which sometimes leads to a search around the condo for ryli and amber [the dogs], and those searches usually end in eating a [few] "ga-ba" [popsicle].

We spend alot of time recovering, 
In our jammies all day long.
no make-up on.
hair in a pony tail.
covered and cuddled in a blanket watching toy story or cars.
And when we have to go to the store because we are completely out of food...we drive to the furthest one possible, and hope and pray that nobody we know sees us.
one amazing extravaganza one long recovery the next.
We wouldn't have it any other way.

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  1. The 4th is one amazing holiday! Thank you for driving 13 long hours to be here. We love you!!!


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