Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Just a simple & little photo dump for WIHUTW today!
Okay, that's a total and complete lie. 
There are a lot of pictures to "dump"...but what else is new?!

What is Hudson Up to Wednesday

We [well, me...I'll leave the mr. out of this debate] have been debating for the past few weeks about getting a bike and trailer for us to take some family bike rides with this summer.
The last time I was on a bike, I just about died off the trails on Switzer mountain in Idaho.
Okay, died might be a bit dramatic, but whatever is the closest thing to death, that's what happened,
and certainly for a later post....
So lets just say that actually purchasing and getting back on a bike, sitting, steering, and pedaling [turns out you have to do those things when you ride a bike] is a huge step for me.
We live in an amazing area with thousands of trails and parks to ride we [I] decided not to waste any more nights talking about it, and went on the search for a bike and trailer...

[thank you craigslist.]
Hudson is obsessed...probably because his trailer matches mommy's bike [right?]...or the fact that he doesn't have to work at all while mommy pulls 70+ pounds of  "extra" on the back of a bike on a dirt road...
[42 of those pounds being my two year old.]
OR the simple fact that mommy said a bad word while she was riding, looked down to see the biggest frog ever, forgetting that I had a trailer on the back of the bike that was wider than the bike itself...and having the frog literally e x p l o d e. as it hit the trailer wheel, with the loudest pop...everywhere.
With Kalob ahead of us laughing hysterically, me pulled over about ready to vomit in the bushes, and Hudson trying to repeat mommy's bad word with the biggest smile on his face...yeah- that could be why too.

My legs burned, but I blaim that on nobody "reminding" me that I could [and should] shift gears.
My bum hurt for a good week, and I probably walked a bit funny, and I blaim that on a crappy, non padded seat... but nothing that a few more rides, a new bike seat and some padding couldn't fix...
and an attitude adjustment of course.
Do I love riding a bike? nope.
But my kid does, and that makes me want to love  like it....a little bit more.

 I've decided that one of the hardest things, about being a mom [besides riding a bike],
 in this entire world, hands down, is waking a sleeping baby...
 Don't believe me...try it...on your own kid.

There was a kids day last week, and to the face painting we went. 
Hudson waited so patiently [or he may have moved every single big orange construction cone blocking off the booth...] for his turn!
I was a little worried he would freak out if they touched his face with that brush, so I made the call to have it on his arm so he could see it and see what they were doing...success! 
He kept growling at his arm the rest of the day.
dragon = bear = lion = any animal that's scary or big = grrrrrrrrrr. [hand motions and all]
To break up the day a bit more, we have been going on walks and picnics with daddy on his lunch hour.
A positive about colorado - it is gorgeous here.

We have been going on nightly drives lately after our park dates...and on the "long way" home are the "coooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwssssssssssssssssssss",
 [yes, said exactly like that. Then repeat it about 930487 times over at the top of your lungs.]
which we pull over to the side of the road to stare at.
There are hundreds of dairy cows, and I'm pretty sure Hudson has cried every single time we have to drive know, because they are just so dang entertaining.

Kalob had a day off last week and we thought we would actually get out of our little city and explore a bit...which landed us about an hour and half away in Tiny Town...where everything is just Hudson's size, and a railroad and "choooo chooo".
And after 20 minutes of being there, it started pouring down rain, 
which ended our trip, and started our drive back home again.
All about the adventure right?!
This kid has been so funny lately, and very particular.
Example: I went in and woke him up the other morning 
[Yes, I have to wake him up by 9am or he won't take a nap that afternoon...rough I know.]
First thing he says "cuuuuuuuuuuuuukkkkkkkkkkkeeeeeeeeeeee"
which we had made the night before.
So because I'm not going to say "no" to an oatmeal cookie for breakfast, I headed to the kitchen to get one.
While I was there, he walks out with his jacket on...hood and all.
Keep in mind, it was 90 degrees outside already, and he refused to take it off.

So there we sat, cookie in hand, and hood on head...
It was good, good day.

This week we have been so incredibly grateful for amazing friends, 
with amazing backyards, with kiddie swimming pools, who ask us to join them in the 100 degree afternoons.

This kiddo is either exhausted, or getting a tan...
Either way...he is more rested and much more tan that this mama.
And because I love this kid so dang much, and because this is probably the cutest picture you will lay your eyes on this week...

I will leave you with some awesome hair.
plump cheeks.
piercing eyes.
and a cheesy, 
 Hudson James, 

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