Thursday, June 6, 2013


Over the past few months, things have been a little crazy and a lot of things have been changing. Our home has changed, our environment has changed, the weather is getting warmer, & Hudson's schedule has seemed to change. His precious naps are getting shorter, and he has seemed to push bedtime a little later...which I'm learning to deal with. But over the past few months, we also been in a rut. Not much of a "family" schedule has been happening and I can feel it has taken a toll.

So, I introduced "unplug" to Kalob and we both agreed that this would be something amazing for our little family of three.

What's "unplug" you ask? Well let me explain. When Kalob comes home, Hudson is usually just waking up from a nap [Kalob gets home early, and it's awesome!]. It's too early for dinner, so things get a little jumbled. At some point someone is watching TV, listening to music, or on their phone. I get that it's a way for Kalob to unwind from a crazy busy work day, but I have no excuse. I mean, yes. I had a crazy busy "mommy work" day, but it doesn't seem to be the same thing...and just because we want to unwind, that is not the same for Hudson who is all sorts of energized. 

So as of late, our phones sit on the counter, which means that Yahoo headlines wait [and crazy enough, are still the same when Kalob grabs his phone at the end of the night!] my activity of pinning random [but awesome] pins on pinterest has gone way down...and so has blogging. The tv is off, and we got rid of satellite [I had a minor freak out when I missed the first ten minutes of the finale of greys anatomy a few weeks ago without a DVR, but I survived, and haven't watched a full episode of anything's just not important.] and it's just the three of us. 
Do you know what you can do with no distractions. no reality trash. no depressing news?

family dinner.
family bike rides.
family walks to the pond.
family park dates.
family water wars.
family conversations.

All of which were happening before, just for a shorter amount of time, and that meant we were missing opportunities, and I'm not about that. 
we now have about four-ish hours at night to spend as a family. We are using up every single minute.
 I know that Hudson will not be an only child forever. We will not be a family of three forever. [NO, this is not an announcement.] We won't have amazing summer weather forever. Family dinners won't always be a possibility. And as we get older and our family grows, things are bound to get jumbled again. But there will always be distractions, trashy reality tv, and depressing news waiting for us when we want them.

We are so blessed.
So happy.
God is good.
And honestly, who wouldn't "unplug" to spend another minute with this kid?!


  1. Love this! I've been doing the same thing when it comes to unplugging myself -- it's amazing how much more refreshed and energized you feel even after a long, hard day.

  2. We got rid of TV in our home a few years ago and it has been amazing. We have Netflix and we can watch any show we want on the computer/IPAD but it takes effort and happens much less frequently. We have LOVED it. Way to go Komma family. You are right Elise, you will never get back these particular years with Hudson, enjoy every moment of every phase of every year. Life is very precious. Your generation has so much more to contend with in regards to media and access to "stuff". I have loved not having the news, I have felt my stress level decrease a lot and I can focus on the good in life instead of the terrible that makes headlines.

  3. My husband & I had a nice short conversation about needing to do this & it's just me & him (no kids).
    I think the world is wrapped up in social media!
    When we go in to visit our parents that live only about 2 hours away we have zero cell phone service & it's nice!!!! lol
    No calls & no one even down to work can find us :)
    I think a lot of people need to step back & realize how much they're missing because they're to busy on their phones/net.


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