Wednesday, April 24, 2013

someone is TWO...

I've been dreading even writing this just can't be that time already to be writing a post about my "baby" turning a whole t w o years old. I know I can't stop it from happening [as much as I've tried], and I've known it's been coming [for the past two years], but it doesn't make it any easier!

I've been going through picture after picture of this little boy, I've shed a few tears, and because it's my blog and I do what I want, this post of course it going to be a picture overload like never before! Originally I had a picture of every single week that Hudson has been on this earth, but if I'm doing my math right [or if my husband is doing math right], then that would be 104 pictures...I don't even know that blogger would allow me to upload that post! So I've narrowed it down to 24 - ish...
[if you need help with the math, that's one per month.]


  [you can read Hudson's birth story here if your little heart desires.] 

Next time I post he will probably be headed off to college, or something crazy like that.
He literally is my best friend, and he agrees with just about everything I say, unless it comes to how many popsicles he can have...then we have an argument. He is the person I spend the most time with, my lunch date, my side-kick, the cutest dang accessory I've ever had, the guy I wake up to in the morning [or who wakes me up, either way...] my conversation piece, my photography prop, & the best part, he is helping me fulfill my dream of being a mother. I'm a better person because of him, and I couldn't ask for a better little human to spend my days with. Pretty much what I'm saying...I'd be totally and completely lame without him. He keeps me on my toes. He [actually] keeps me from going crazy. He is my Hudson James.

All [40lbs and 37.6in tall] of him!

Sure this kid goes in timeout, but he always gives me a hug and a kiss afterward.
Dang right he pushes my buttons [daily], but then he laughs uncontrollably, 
and I just can't keep a straight face.
Yep, this kid weighs a ton. Literally, he is just solid...
but when I have to carry him, he rubs my arm while we walk.
Sure thing this boy has some nasty night terrors, that even scare me, 
but those night time snuggles are indescribable. 
This kid is all boy. No doubt about it. But he still lets me dress him in whatever I want, 
and still lets me do his hair.
Sometimes he plugs his ears when he doesn't like me singing or the song that is playing, but the next minute he will be dancing right next to me...still with his ears plugged.
Or those times that he just wants his mama...yeah, those times are my favorite, and what I live for.

happy happy birthday Hudson James.
[now i'm going to go cry and hold him for as long as he will let me...]


  1. Happy birthday Hudson!! you are such a wonderful mom and he is just so handsome and cute!! I mean seriously you made a wonderful baby!! I always worry about having kids im like "if i have them i will love them but i know they will grow up so fast and i will be so sad" lol! have a great day!
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  2. Happy Birthday to Hudson! My Drew is just a few months ahead of him. Isn't this the BEST age? :)

    PS – My May giveaway will be for a new blog design by my personal designer! Stay tuned if you're interested! Our Journey

  3. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!! I'm two short months away from writing a two year old post and I'm not ready! :( Happy 2nd birthday to Hudson!

  4. SO CUTE!!! His eyes are the best. And I love his name!! We are approaching the 1st I can relate somewhat!

  5. Happy Birthday sweet Hudson be extra loving to your mamma because its hard on her with you turning the big 2... You are no longer that sweet baby she knew but now her toddler that she still loves & adores daily! Elise you are a great mother & that sweet little boy is so very lucky to have you! I Just love how you do his little hair & clothing... I have always thought it was so cute :)

  6. Aww! Happy Birthday to Hudson! I know just how you feel; Jaxson just turned four! It goes so quickly!


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