Wednesday, April 27, 2011

scars & staples...our birth story.

I know I have an excuse as to the reason that this blog is so behind...but more importantly- the biggest event in our lives occured and it has yet to be documented...until now.

Now that I have my own birth story, I'm a little mad by all of the birth stories I've read leading up to this day-
they usually go a little something like this...

"I started having contractions...I went the hospital and they checked me, and they told me that I was definetly having a baby tonight...5 hours later we had a beautiful baby boy and we were able to go home the next day..."

I'll let you be the judge though...

WARNING: this is about to get personal, as most birth stories are. If you can't handle it, you probably shouldn't even read my blog, second...really- you shouldn't read my blog!

Saturday April 23rd. By this time, my week had pretty much been....slow.

Cramps: I have to admit- I've never experienced I know should give mad props and my condolences to those who go through those things once a month...

Back labor (horrid): this is just my opinion- but back labor is SO much worse than actual contractions/labor.

Groin pain: that would knock me to the floor in a matter of seconds, and when I say groin pain, I literally could feel my pelvis/pubic bone opening and preparing. Doctors say it's a good thing... I may have to fight them on that one.

Contractions: on and off for the past 9 days...all 5-10 minutes apart, but nothing strong enough or close enough that I would get admitted to the hospital. [I really didn't want to be that girl that went to the hospital a thousand times, because I "thought" it was time, and they sent me home every single time...]

Emotional Breakdowns: Pretty self explanatory... I was ready to birth this child. Whatever it took, I was ready. I need to apologize to my husband, mom, and my sister...they have gotten quite the ear-full the past few weeks...

Another day had passed us by without a baby...and I was feeling a little disappointed, and discourage, so what is a pregnant girl to do? BED TIME. Kalob was out like a light before I even got comfortable. Nothing new. I laid in bed, uncomfortable. Nothing new. I needed to use the bathroom for the hundredth time. Nothing new. I had to turn over from my left side to my back in order to prop myself up onto my elbows [which had been rubbed raw for the past month!] and get out of bed. Nothing new. Before I got out of bed I felt an extreme amount of fluid
 fill my sweats and continue to gush down my leg.
I woke Kalob up and asked him to come and see what was going on (I know my poor husband) My water had certainly just broken (2:00am)...all over the sheets, the carpet, the bathroom floor (very slippery) the toilet was literally filled...and still there seemed to be no end of fluid in sight.
2:30amWe called the hospital to tell them we were on our way. The nurse asked me to describe my "water breaking". What it looked like, the amount. I just laughed at her. 
Someone please tell me how you describe that, without sounding ridiculous!?
3:00am - We slowly made our way to the hospital, after taking a shower, getting ready (yes, I really got ready) getting the car all packed up, and going for a little drive. We didn't get too far in our drive becuase contractions started coming in 2 minute intervals, and at that point a wheelchair and an admittance to the hospital was needed.

4:00am - We finally got up to the birthing center, and I was already dilated to 5cm. I was admitted and given an epidural (most blissful thing on earth). Now it was just time to wait to out!

6:00am - Our doctor came in (one whom we had never met) and checked again- 7cm! Moving right along!

At this point, we stalled for a bit...but no worries, I guess I'm REALLY the nurses and Kalob were having a blast! OH- and I can't feel a dang thing- amazing.

10:00am - "time to start pushing" AHHHH- this is really happening! I was complete and there was NO turning back now. The pressure was pretty obvious and I knew that we were going to have a baby within a matter of hours, and the doctor was positive that he would be here by at least noon!

Twelve o'clock came and went quickly, I was still pushing, and little did I know that I would continue to push for another 3.5 hours...yah- you did the math right- 5.5 hours of pushing...I'm not sure how I did it, not sure that it should even be allowed or humanly possible, but trust me, somehow, someway, I made it happen. But sadly it just wasn't enough.

Now, I should say that my entire pregnacy, Hudson was breech, and then flipped to be head down the day before my water broke, but he was the wrong head down...he was SUNNY SIDE UP : baby's face is upward instead of downward...which makes delivery 2029029301 harder due to a larger part of the head having to make its way into the birth canal. We tried every single birthing position you could think of...even the nurses were starting to get creative. My legs were started to give out and my whole body had developed the uncontrolable "shakes". We had literally tried everything, and my body had given it all it had, and at this point was shutting down.

I had started to bleed pretty heavily at this point which was a huge concern, and learned instead of the usual "tear" in a vaginal birth of the tissues...I had torn muscule where Hudson's head was wedged. This was the last straw and the doctor forced an emergency c-section.

Kalob had about 3 minutes to change before surgery or he was told there would be no access for him...
We knew at that point it was serious.
I remember the whole c-section, and I'm so glad that I asked to have the lowest dosage of meds possible to that I could remember my child's birth. They wheeled me in the OR, moved me to another table, put up the curtain, increased the spinal tap to the point where you can't even lift your legs and your whole body feels heavy, and lathered my stomach with iodine. Kalob was able to come in at this point and sit right beside me. I felt intense pressure and then I hear the doctor ask for a stool.
No joke. A stepping stool.
I saw the back of the doctors head.
He was talking us through the whole thing and explained that
Hudson's head was so wedged, that the doctor was up on the table, straddling my tummy, with a nurse on the other side...pulling.

First cry. He found his lungs early...He certainly had quite the entrance!
I hated not being able to see a thing- but here we are...just the three of us!

At this point, Kalob and Hudson left, and they started to sew and staple my poor tummy, and do some damage control "down there."

First time holding Hudson in the recovery room after surgery...
[I waited 1.5 hours for Kalob and Hudson, seemed like an eternity.]

April 24.2011. 3:28pm. 8lbs. 7oz. 21.5in.
[yeah, no wonder he was so stuck...the kid was huge!]

The following days were pretty much a blur...Medication, Sleep, Walk, Eat, Hudson...Medication, Sleep, Walk, Eat, Hudson...blah blah blah...until 6 days had passed and we got to

We woke up that morning to 3 doctors and 2 nurses, all wanting to check out Hudson and I, all for different reasons, but all at the same time. One right after the other checked vitals, growth, scars and staples, pain levels, the poop and feed log, & the list continues...all ending with Hudson leaving to go and get the dreaded "circumcision". Poor baby boy. Kalob and I opted out of taking part in the "viewing" of that, but heard he didn't even scream, until they took the binkie and sugar water away.
Pretty much Hudson is a RoCkStAr!
All of our nurses and doctors were so incredible but it was certainly
time to go home...we were all SO ready!
I can't even begin to describe the love Kalob has for him...

Mommy sure loves her little peanut too...

Car ride home...he did outstanding!
[disclaimer, we live approx .5 miles for the hospital]

We are home and loving it. It's amazing how much my life has changed in a matter of a week. My phone is always on and not always answered. My computer stays off unless there is an adorable picture of Hudson that I just have to share with the social network world, and my sleep schedule...well lets just say there is absolutely no schedule and usually no sleep- and we are loving every minute of it.

My mom flies in tomorrow morning and I honestly can't wait. It will be so nice to have an extra hand, especially because I feel so incredibly overwhelmed when I can't get up fast enough to get Hudson and it takes at least four times longer to get in and out of bed!

We are so grateful for so many things this week,
but most importantly, a healthy, gorgeous & happy baby boy.


  1. That wait after the c-section for husband and baby is AWFUL! At least you got to see Hudson though! I waited that whole time to even get my first glimpse of Kaylee since she was taken straight to the NICU. I think your birth story was pretty darn good. Don't worry, the hard getting in and out of bed DOES eventually go away although it seems awful in the middle of the night when you're needed! Good luck and enjoy every minute!

  2. I agree, back labor is excruciating! But guess what? YOU DID IT! Thanks for sharing your story. I hope you recover well. I think recovery is HARD, but like you said, wayyyy more than worth it. And if you are bored at 1,3, or 5 AM you can call me - Evie is always up eating! :) Congrats you guys! Your family is beautiful!

  3. So sweet Elise! Being a mommy is the best thing that ever happened to me, I'm sure you'll agree -it's the most amazing transformation. Loved the story!

  4. Thanks for sharing Elise, I am so glad that you have welcomed such a beautiful boy.
    Birthing stories are not always the greatest, I agree, and the epidural, yes, the best ever!!!!
    sorry you ended up having an emergency c-section but so blessed that everything worked out for the best.
    Enjoy the time with our mom, I bet she is over the moon happy.
    Get lots of rest while she is with you.

  5. You are a champ, I only pushed for 1.5 hours and thought I was going to die after 30 hours of labor. Also, Evelyn was turned side ways head facing to the right and if it wasn't for the fact that she was extra small (5 pounds) I probably would have had to have a c-section. Congratulations, I feel your pain, and hope every thing is healing!

  6. One amazing momma! Thank you for sharing your story!


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