Wednesday, January 9, 2013


What is Hudson up to Wednesday
to add to the crazy transition that we have had since we have been back from Idaho, this little guy landed himself into the emergency room Monday night.
Awesome right?!
Not so much.

Kalob and I were working out in the living room where we had the exercise ball and some free weights. mistake number one.
We stopped to watch the third quarter of the Notre Dame vs. Alabama game.
mistake number two.
Within a matter of seconds Hudson is screaming and I looked to find there were no weights on the ottoman but instead there it was on his poor little hand. 30lb free weight fell from 2 feet, and crushed his hand.
I don't even think we discussed whether or not we were going to the ER, we just met in the car and drove.

Hudson was hysterical.
Movies were watched.
X-rays were done.
Tears were streaming like waterfalls.
Cuddles were given.
Warm milk was on hand to comfort.
Doctors and nurses were sure that there was damage that they were have to fix.
They were sure that it was broken. 
But some how, some way, not a single broken...anything.
It should have crushed his hand.

They sent us home.
We went to bed.
And we woke up to this...

Poor kid right?!
But what a freakin champ!

He woke us as happy as ever.
Not phased by it at all.
He keeps trying to wipe off the bruise, thinking his hand is dirty.
So sad, but so cute at the same time.

 So grateful for a happy, healthy baby today.


  1. What a tough little guy!

    Hope his hand heals up quickly :)

  2. He is so cute!!! His poor little hand though :[ Glad nothing is broken

  3. He is such a cutie! Glad he is ok, and that he is now a happy camper! That smile is so heart melting!

  4. So glad he is ok. I was wondering about the little guy after I saw the pic on twitter!

  5. He is so cute! I'm glad he is ok.

  6. Oh my. Glad he is okay and hope that the "dirty spot" on his hand will go away soon. :)

  7. Omg im so glad is ok! if that would of happened to me i would of also been crying! hes a champ not to mention thats hes so cute!

  8. Aww poor little guy. I would have been in tears too. I'm glad he is okay and nothing is broken. He is a cutie. :)

  9. Poor guy!!! Kids are so resilient! I thought for sure my daughter broke her ankle when she was about that age, but it was just a bad bruise. Thank goodness for all of that soft cartilage they have right now. So happy he's OK

  10. That is the cutest darn x-ray I've ever seen. So glad he's ok!!

  11. OK that's the cutest little x-ray ever :)
    However, I'm glad he's okay. He's a cutie pie.

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  13. Oh goodness! Thank God he is ok. He must be one tough little man.

  14. Oh my word, my heart sank reading this (and how cute is his little x-ray hand?!) but I am SO relieved he is okay! We had a similar incident on Christmas Eve -- Ethan scaled a chair and fell right on his face onto the tile, a huge welt just started forming -- ugh. These things happen so fast! :(

  15. Oh my gosh. The Lord was definitely watching over your little man! I'm so glad to hear that nothing was broken. My goodness! What a trooper, though. Glad he's still smiling. His smiles are the best!

    Gayle | Grace for Gayle

  16. He is a real trooper. I'm so glad he was only bruised. I hope he heals quickly.


  17. Oh my!!!! I can't even handle how darling he is! I want to love on that boy! And poor thing. I hope his hand heals fast! XOXO.

  18. He is so cute!! Poor thing. It's SO scary how fast things like that happen!! Lucky thing! If it was me, my hand would be all withered by now. He's a champ ;) I hope you got to keep the little hand x-ray. It's so cute!


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