Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Now that we are back and I've got the new year post out of the way [only 7 days late], it's time for a little, okay ALOT of updates from our wonderful 2 week trip back in the city of trees, Boise, Idaho! I'm going to try and get it all done by the end of this week, so you have officially been warned...this week is Boise week...and with that comes sooooo many pictures. amazing, wonderful pictures!

When my dad asked everyone what they were doing that night, and he suggested bowling, we all thought he was joking. It took us until we actually pulled up to the alley that we had no choice but to believe him.
I was feeling pretty lucky that we had Hudson with us, because that meant we got bumpers, and if you ever go bowling with me, I'll beg for the bumpers. I don't think I've ever broken 100 bowling score, but then again I think I've been bowling 3 times.

Make that four times!

And this will forever be the most perfect video ever. 
oh I laugh every single time. 
and just for the record- he got a strike. 
Isn't he so humble!?

I can guarantee this is going to be one tradition that will never go away and will never be forgotten...even if my 20 month old son beat me in the game with 3 strikes, and a score of over 100...so you do the math of what my bowling score was.

Love me some family...especially this amazing family!


  1. Awesome pictures, it looks like you guys had fun! :) And I love the picture of his little bowling shoes, so cute!

  2. It looks like fun! I have yet to take my little guy bowling but now I have some incentive if mama gets to use the bumpers.

  3. That is the cutest thing! The important thing is you had fun! I am pretty sure I will take full advantage of the bumpers when my little one gets old enough! Thanks for the idea!

  4. What a fun way to spend time with your family!

  5. I didn't even realize they made bowling shoes that small. So cute!



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