Thursday, January 10, 2013

dump on a thursday...

 I'm trying to pack our two week trip and over 900 pictures into 4 blog if the blog is a little jumbled this week - you know the reason. The only thing amazing about jumbled, means so many pictures...every single day. I know I'm not complaining and I know that my family back in Boise is waiting to see these, so they aren't complaining...
so hopefully nobody is opposed to a true photo dump [full of Hudson] on a Thursday,
because it is happening on a Thursday!







Wow. That was a lot. I know.
If you made it this far, congrats, you deserve a piece of cake or something!
Go eat it.


  1. was the one where grandpa(?) had his head thrown back because Hudson accidentally bonked him? I ask because my kids do this all the time. They will be sitting in my lap and then rear up and jam me in the chin or nose!

  2. Ha he looks so much like your husband in that last one! Super cute family.

  3. great pics! side note- love your bangs! I'm getting bangs next week and super nervous... hope they work on me like they work on you!



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