Monday, January 7, 2013

my year...

With nearly 3 fatalities last week from the "we miss family, Idaho, and the puppies" rut, I think we are slowly getting back into the swing of things....well Kalob and I are, Hudson on the other hand is taking being in Colorado, as if we are punishing him by not feeding him all day. He has been living on the edge, and by the edge I mean living on the edge of causing a natural disaster, by himself....that also could have caused 3 fatalities, and still might. This kid won't eat, won't sleep, and has thrown his first ever [mini] tantrum since we have been back. He walks around saying "Papa" all day, and begs to leave the condo, by standing at the door signing "please, thank you, and more" all at the same time. So while I'm dealing with a Mr. Grumpy Gills and still going through and editing our 800+ Idaho pictures, I thought I'd get to the post that was supposed to go up last week, but like I said, near death experiences took over. Seven days isn't too late to post about the new year right?!
This past year has not been the nicest to us, although we still manage have so many amazing amounts of things to be thankful for [crazy how that happens right?!]. So I've decided that this year, has to be MY year, and nobody can tell me otherwise, so don't even try. 

Simple enough right?!
yeah, except for that "accept change" part - I hate change.
or the "real clothes" part - this mama needs her stretchy, non constraining, long, and comfy sweats. So i'm defining "real clothes" by tight, constraining, short, and uncomfortable clothes. Not so awesome.
Then there were the ones like:
-Shave my legs more so I don't have to wear maxi skirts to church ever Sunday [good thing I have 9 maxi skirts right?! That's like 2 months worth without repeating!]...
- Get a bra that actually fits the way it's suppose to...
- Throw out the jeans I will never fit into again...
- or make another baby...
 but those didn't seem to make the cut, 
which means maybe they will make next year's list...m a y b e . 

So here is to 2013.
Please be good to us all!


  1. I love the "wear real clothes" haha. I have that problem too. If i know i don't have anywhere to go or much to do, I don't even put any effort into myself

  2. I could have written that list myself! We can do this! Bring it on 2013! :)

  3. i love your outlook elise. while some may get down on themselves about this next coming year, you are taking it head on. you go girl. and i think your list is fabulous! i had to shave yesterday because my husband didn't like rubbing his foot onto another hairy leg. hahaha.
    happy new year! oh and i hope your baby gets to feeling himself again. that must be tough. (hugs)

  4. i think 2012 wasn't that fantastic for everyone. don't get me wrong. there were definite good moments of 2012, but by and large i think most people are looking forward to 2013 and hoping it will be better to them. i know i am. i'm making the effort to wear real clothes, too. but it's such a process. because if i'm wearing real clothes then i have to do my makeup, too. and if my clothes and makeup look good then i have to do my hair. oy. how do so many women just wake up and put on legit outfits without facing this same dilema?

  5. New follower :) love your blog design!

  6. I am certainly looking forward to whatever this year has in store. I have faith that it will be better than last year.



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