Monday, January 28, 2013

Like that one time...

I have made many many decisions in my life.
Like that one time when my husband [boyfriend at the time], told me he loved me for the first time, and I decided to laugh, brake up with him and walk out of his house...yeah, I defiantly ruined that moment.
Or when he tried to kiss me for the first time and hit my forehead with the bill of his baseball hat...okay, that was defiantly a bad decision on his part, not mine...
Or on a much brighter note, last night, I decided to pop a few [or more] nyquil, so I could hopefully sleep through the night without blowing my nose 42039840243 times before 2am. 
Many many decisions have been made in my 24 years of existence and I can honestly say, that sitting down and starting this blog was one of the greatest...but then again, it's in the running with that nyquil decision...
I never thought it would become anything, and still to some of you, it hasn't...but
Last week was a big week for this little blog of mine. 
a number I only ever dreamed of.
Which means there are so many new faces around here!

First, just let me say, thank you.
Second, let me say, welcome.
Third. as much as I would love to get to know every single one of you personally...I just don't think it can be done, which means your blog posts and my blog posts are all we have to go off of....
oh and twitter,
and this new thing everyone is calling vine [follow me, commawithak.]
Social Media...what?! I still remember the day I got my very own cell phone, and that meant that I could talk to my boyfriend whenever I wanted, and not schedule "phone time" on the land line....[does anyone even have those anymore?!]

Anyway, you could go back to the beginning and follow the blog from there. 
[to sum up with very first post...I got married. Moved to Colorado. My husband touched me...we got pregnant.] Okay, so you don't need to go back to the beginning now...
You could read my about me,
 OR you could just catch up, right here, right now with these [few] bullet points.

-I am a wife to Kalob... a chemical engineer by day, rancher on the weekend.
- I am a proud mama to an amazing 22month old, Hudson. It is completely safe to say that I am one lame lady without this kid by my side. 
You will see a lot of him on Wednesday's for my "What is Hudson up to Wednesday" posts. 
- Before choosing to be a stay at home mama to Hudson, I went to school to become a dental assistant. I fell in love with dentistry and worked in pediatrics for about 2 years.
- I have a twin brother...who happens to be one of my very best friends and one minute older than me.
- I take pictures, ALOT of pictures. Think of this as your official warning.
- I am a chronic nail biter, so I go the fake way.
- I am terrified of the dark. terrified. So terrified I still sleep with a nightlight. 
Don't be mistaken, I am not three.
My husband is a better cook than I am.
- I love me some reality TV.
- Truth. I have big hair. okay, huge hair. 
As in, adds an inch to my height.
It even stays put after sky-diving from 13,000 feet.
be amazed.
- I'm a total wanna-be runner. Two 5k's under my belt. 
I don't know even know how that happened.
 [denver color run 2012]
- I am an addict. to carmex. Like the lip balm. It's possible.
I tried to get off of it in college and had a withdrawal. 
My lips were 4 times bigger than angelina jolie's...or octo-mom's..whichever you prefer.
Ended up in urgent care and on medication.
true freakin' story.

I won't lie to you, this was a really hard post to write, people.
I even had to ask my husband to help...and he couldn't even help.
I guess that would tell you that, I'm pretty open on this little blog of mine, or that my husband doesn't know me at all...I think you should stick with the first option.

My sanity needs this blog.
This blog needs my sanity.
So I write. 
And somehow, this is what you get!

Hope you all had an amazing weekend.
Can we all just take a minute and figure out where the heck the month of January went?!


  1. Last week I cleaned out my purse and found 4 carmex containers. That stuff is gold in our house :)

  2. yay! congrats Elise on your blog growing! keep it up girl, i like your blog. it's funny and real. and your little one, totally adorable!

  3. Woohoo - congrats on hitting 1000!
    And, I really think Hudson needs to enter my little giveaway. He would look SO adorable in a new hat!!
    Happy Monday!!

  4. I love this post!! Especially the beginning!! It reminds me of my boyfriend and I... the first time he tried to kiss me, I turned my face and let him kiss my cheek, then left. haha. Us girls are so dumb sometimes!!

  5. Such a cute post!! So proud of you for reaching 1,020 followers holy cow thats a ton! Seriously awesome. One day I will be there.

  6. aww i love this post! such cute and unique facts! and also congrats on reaching 1,000.. that is such a great accomplishment! You should be proud! :)

  7. Fun! I love the Hudson updates weekly. I should start that too!

  8. Fun! I love the Hudson updates weekly. I should start that too!

  9. Huge congratulations on the milestone!!
    Love the recap :D

  10. Congratulations on the blog achievement! Oh, and no worries, my fiance is a way better cook than me, but I like to think I'm the better baker ;)

  11. Girl! You are TOO cute! :) I saw you stopped by my blog awhile back and I never responded! I'm SOOO sorry! But here I am now and I'm lovin' your blog! :)


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