Tuesday, January 29, 2013

instagram magnets [DIY]...

So I was on pinterest the only night [shocker, I know] and saw a pin about instagram magnets.
cute idea right?!
Right. But the site that it took me too, wanted $16 plus shipping for 9 2x2 picture magnets. Yeah right people. Yeah right. 
Before I got married and had a kid, I probably would have paid that price in a heartbeat, but since then, I've found that I'm a little bit more crafty than I give myself credit for, and I'm more than capable of making instagram magnets...which mean so are you!
Let me just give you numbers. 18 magnets for under $6 with left over material for more.
[because you all want more than 18 magnets on your fridge right?!]

thank you ma'am.

here is what you need:
 - adhesive magnetic sheet
[I got mine at hobby lobby. It was $9.99 but with their 40% off coupon
 in brought it down to around $5]
- instagram pictures
- scissors or utility knife 

Let's get your instagram pictures!
I used followgram and replaced my Instagram name with my Instagram name which allows me to see my instagram feed. Click on your picture and right-click to save.

Okay, so at this point, I did a little searching and ended up at picmonkey.com, now there has been some controversy about having to pay to use their site, but for this little project, you will not have to pay! 
go to picmonkey.
select: create a collage.
click the layout button [the one with the rectangle and the two squares].
choose square deal.
Choose the 3x3 option.

 Now we add the pictures. 
"Click the image button" (the one with the mountains and the sun) – 
click "Upload photos" – select only 6 photos.

Next, click the background button (the paint tray) 
change the spacing to 0.
save your collage.

Okay, we are almost done!
Re-open the picture to edit
 – select the "crop" option
-use the drop down button to select a 4x6
-position your "crop" around your picture (it should fit pretty perfectly) – 
-click apply 
– save your picture!

Now to print – I had my pictures developed through Wal-Mart’s 1-hour photo, of which I did online, and then picked up in the store. [But you can use any store you like or print them out yourself.] and a few cents later, I had my prints

I had a total of 18 little pictures, within three 4x6 prints. 
[and shhhhh I didn't just use my instagram pictures, you can use any pictures you want!]

This is where your adhesive magnetic sheet comes in.
I choose to get the largest roll at hobby lobby, but if you aren't doing as many magnets, 
there are smaller options, which are cheaper as well.

Place your pictures on the magnetic sheet, and cut them out.
[I got too excited and cut all the pictures up, but to make things a little easier on you, just place the 4x6 down and cut that way!]

and done and done!

 So fun right?!
So easy right?!
Told you!
All for about $6, and I still have extra!
Hudson loves them on the fridge, and I can't say that I disagree one little bit!


  1. So awesome! I've never thought about using a magnet sheet! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Very cute idea! My girls would love helping me make new magnets for the fridge to hang up their artwork.

  3. Great idea! This would be neat to add into cards and letters you mail out too!

  4. That's a great idea! When I first saw the title I thought it was going to be the ones that everyone does of sticking it behind that pebble type thing and glueing! But this way is so much cuter and less messy!!

  5. you go girl. this was totally a great idea and turned out awesome! plus at fraction of the cost i'm all for trying it.

  6. This is brilliant! Thanks for sharing :D

  7. Turned out super cute!!


  8. Cute! I have a question though - do the magnets stick well? Are they easy to get on and off the fridge? Are you happy with the square shapes? Ha! I know this is a lot of questions, but I think I might want to make them for Ev and I'm just wondering. So you don't have to glue at all? The magnetic sheet is adhesive? Okay, I'll stop asking questions. :) Love this though! So adorable.

  9. this is so awesome! i have also looked at that site that charges so much but always hesitated! now i am so excited to try this out! thanks for sharing :)

  10. love it! i remember doing this just with photos but i love the square instagrams and using picmonkey to get everything cut straight :) thanks for sharing, they turned out super cute!

  11. I think this is such an easy quick idea - I am really going to have to do some of these really soon.


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