Wednesday, January 30, 2013


What is Hudson up to Wednesday!
Okay. So for those of you who are a "newby" to the blog, Wednesday isn't the day I dedicate to what I wore Wednesday, well because I would never have a post on Wednesday, or I would be naked.
It's not the day for Wedding Wednesday - because the post would never end because I was obsessed with our wedding, and it's not a day for work-out Wednesday...because, lets be honest, I would have absolutely no business writing about that...but then I have no business writing this blog, and I tend to do that everyday.
It's actually the day that I continue to tell you just how lame I would be without one little man in my life.
 It's the day that I dedicate to Hudson,
and all of his happenings throughout the week.
Okay, okay, and lets be honest, this is totally the day that I get to brag, be a typical proud mom,
 and post tons of pictures of the cutest thing you've ever seen!
Just because I can!
See, I told you, typical mama behavior!

first, remember those instagram magnets from yesterday?!
well, I couldn't just stop there, so I made letters of Hudson's name...

He loves them.
and when Hudson is happy, we are all happy.
And I guess those magnets wore the poor kid out, because this was the next scene.
I know, I too want to squeeze his cheeks and take pictures of this face all day long. Actually I did. I took about 41 pictures of him looking just like this...but not because of his cheeks, but because it took me 41 times to realize that this actually happened. He feel asleep just like this, not in his crib, but on me. This kid is 22 months old, and I honestly can't remember the last time this happened. Now although it only lasted 1-3 minutes because my leg fell asleep, and I had to pee, I have 41 pictures to prove that this actually happened.

and what is a WIHUTW post without ending with pictures...


  1. Cute!!! Lovely pictures and awesome photography.

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  2. Cute kiddo - and I'm still loving the magnets you made!

  3. he's such a cutie. i love his little mohawk action, so adorable.

  4. love what you did for hudson!!

    another thing...
    I'm doing this blog representation thing and i would be such an honor for me if you'd leave a little comment.

  5. Love sweet little Hudson, love the momma and the daddy! Thanks for sharing so many fun pics of him. Your rock the polka dot jammies!
    XOXO Nana

  6. He is such a cutie.. He totally rocks that hairdo!


  7. Your little guy is way too cute! An dI am stealing this magnet idea. Hope you don't mind!

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  9. I absolutely love his hair! Too cute.


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