Wednesday, December 12, 2012


What is Hudson up to Wednesday.
hope everyone is having an amazing weekend so far.
I can't believe it's already the middle of December. 
But I'm so grateful because we get to leave Colorado for Idaho in
t   e   n     d  a  y  s !  !
 [not that we have been counting down or anything!]

Christmas comes around this house in spurts.
Because we go out of town for Christmas, and we fly, we don't pack H's gifts with us because this mama is not going to worry about bags getting lost, or stolen, or not getting there in time. No thank you!
So throughout December, we unwrap some presents, read some christmas stories, and make so many trips to Walmart, Target, and Home Depot so we can see their decorations and live through them! 
lame?! Totally, and I know it.
this week's gift was a giant Mr. Potato Head...with 4 other potato heads inside!

This kid went to sleep with a potato head for nap time that day.
He is obsessed, and completely smitten.
We don't buy many toys anymore because he is more entertained with the diaper box or a book than anything else...[typical 19month old boy right?!]
But this toy...entertained for at least 10 minutes!

Thank you Mr. Potato Head for giving this mama 10 minutes of time to eat, 
brush my teeth, or even use the bathroom!

What do you all get your little ones for Christmas?!


  1. He is totally rocking that Mohawk! And what a great gift. I loved mrs potatohead xo, b

  2. what a cutie! i love potato heads. so much fun!

  3. We travel every year for Christmas, too. There is no way I'm toting a 9 month old AND his gifts half way across the country, thankyouverymuch! He's opening his gift (yep, singular) at home before we leave.
    And, is it bad my kiddo is only getting A gift this year? He needs a good sturdy toy box, and that's what he's getting.
    My rationing is he'll never remember this Christmas... Right?
    Found/following you doing a little blog hopping today. Would love for you to swing by
    and follow back.
    Happy Wednesday!

  4. That is awesome and that last picture of Hudson is super cute!
    I never knew you could have so many Mr. Potato heads!!


  5. That is so cute! I'll be he loved that!

  6. Sure do love this blog...and what an adorable little boy! See you soon! Lov ya,

  7. Too cute! ''Hey you kids - get off my lawn!'' - we had a Mr potato head before the kids arrived! x

  8. I had thought about getting that same one! I tell myself every Christmas and birthday to not go overboard but yet somehow I do. Ugh.. we have been going through and donating some of their older toys, though.

  9. these pictures are incredible cute! I'm looking for gifts for my new nephews this christmas! Excellent selection!!


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