Thursday, December 13, 2012

copycat [1]...

Okay. Lets all be honest. 
right here. 
right now. 
We all know that I would rather wear sweats that jeans.
Reef flip flops than normal shoes [even in the winter]
A sweatshirt rather than a shirt where you have to "try" and wear it.
If you read this blog, that is no secret.
I don't feel like I need to get all dolled up in clothes to play legos with my 
19month old in the comfort of my own home. 
That's a waste right?! To me it is...
but when Carly from Texaslovebirds and Mary from TrustyChucks came up with the idea of a Copycat Link up...I knew i had to participate, and I knew it would be a way to keep me accountable! 
The basic idea is that you find an outfit image from an ad, pinterest, magazine...and copy the basic idea of the outfit for a copycat link up post!
and here we are!
leopard. cheetah. animal print. red lips. tan boots. -
mustard cardigan + boots
[okay, so I copied it completely!]
[I promise I have fingers!]

boots: urbanog
cardigan: joke. got it from china for $4 and free shipping...
it took 7 weeks to get here, but it was worth it! haha.
jeans: kohls. [use TENBLOG through dec 23rd for 10% off!]

I know this isn't out of the box or anything crazy for some of you, but this mama had to start somewhere! I never would have put the leapard with the mustard of the leopard with the boots...i'm a pretty color matching girl, so having two different browns in an outfit made me cringe, but it turned out great!
Now it's your turn to link up your may not need as much help 
as I do to get dressed everyday, but we can all use a little motivation right?!


  1. Super cute!
    P.S I have been loving your hair, secretly!

    Brooke =)

  2. Pretty! I love the mustard cardi with the leopard scarf!

  3. So cute! I just got a leaopard scarf and mustard cardigan from Target but it's a Christmas present so I can't open it yet. :)

    $4 for yours?! I will have to check out ebay more often.

  4. I love this look! And I can't believe you got that sweater for $4. I've never shopped for clothes on eBay, but maybe I need to start! Thanks for linking up with us and your outfit is perfect!

  5. What a fun idea :)
    You look great! And I'm glad you mentioned you had fingers...I was starting to worry.. LOL


  6. I love the cardigan and the scarf together! It's so cute.

  7. So cute! Carly told me I needed to link up-- hopefully I will get out of my sweatpants and link up next week!

    1. do need to link up with us!

      PS: I usually wear my Copycat outfit to church, when I'd "dress up" anyways...makes it seem a little easier to pull myself out of my sweats.

      love ya both! xo

  8. Ummm pretty sure that outfit is ADORABLE! Love it! I totally hear you on the reef flip flop thing I could wear those everysingleday :)

  9. OMG!!! You did a fabulous job!! You actually look better in that yellow sweater! So beautiful!! Thank you for linking up today!!! Xoxo

  10. LOVE IT! You look super cute, and still comfy enough to play with legos. I feel ya though, it's hard to be motivated sometimes, and I'm not everyday. I try to dress myself up at least two times a week.

    I really like the combination of leopard and the mustard yellow, never thought about combining those too.

    Thanks for linking up, sweet friend! xo

  11. You look adorable, and I obviously need to learn your ebay skills.

  12. Ok i need to shop on ebay more often cause for dollars is a steal not to mention you look HOTTT!


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