Monday, October 15, 2012


Well, it's that time everyone. Well, time for me to make a big next step and offer more than just button swaps on this little blog of mine!
Over the past few months, this blog has about tripled in size, thanks to a lot of hard work, amazing readers, and some really wonderful blogs that I have had the opportunity to sponsor and work with. After a lot of thought and talks about where I want to see this blog in the future, I've decided that it's time to offer sponsorships! I'm extremely excited about this little endeavor, and can't wait to continue doing what I love doing so much! I think it will give me a better chance to work closer with some of you, create some amazing friendships, help grow your blog, and encourage in any way that I can...
because really, isn't that what the blogging community is all about!?

Below you will find all your options!
[You will also find them up top under the "advertise" button!]

Every single cent will go towards "that's comma with a K" sponsoring other blogs, which then brings more traffic to...yep, you guessed it, your blog!
Win, Win situation right?!
Thank you everyone for your amazing and never-ending support.
This blog would not be where it is today, without every single one of you!



  1. Would you mind doing a post on sponsorships and how they are run, etc. I'm not quite ready for this yet, but I feel like I'm almost there.

  2. Congrats on having amazing blog growth. Absolutely love your blog!!

  3. Hooray! This is a first for me, I purchased a large ad xx


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