Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I just told my husband that I'm going to try and write a NICE and UPLIFTING 
What is Hudson Up to Wednesday.
[yes. I just said that]
It's been quite the week with this little man...and by quite the week, I mean exhausting. 
Last week I was feeling ready to have another little one, and last night I swore I wouldn't have another baby...ever. hahaha. 
Like, I need a drink, a very strong drink...and I don't even drink.

Okay, I'm totally over-reacting. 
Being a total drama mama.
I love this little boy more than anything in this whole entire world. promise.
But, I promise being the mother to this busy little boy, is truly exhausting some days.
Especially when he figured out that he can move all of the chairs from the kitchen table, all around the house, which then means that when he stands on top of the chairs, he stands about my height, which means he can reach EVERYTHING. So when we thought everything was high enough...
nothing is high enough.  
[knives, glasses, kitchen aid, freezer, laundry detergent, wrapping paper...] haha.

Wow. it totally sounds like I don't watch my kid! haha.
I will defend myself and say that our little condo is only around 900 sq feet, so that is nearly impossible!

Oh and he happens to officially be 
s e v e n t e e n  months old. [going on seventeen years old]
 -We tried some bath crayons this week...EPIC fail people...EPIC fail.
The crayons feel apart as soon as they entered the water, and I'm pretty sure that he ate more of the colors than actually made pictures on the tub wall.
We did manage to get a few marks made...
 - H is a little mini-me of Kalob. hands down. Aside for being a mini-me, 
he has become more like his daddy through and through.
Especially when watching football.

and to leave you on just the right foot, and something that is 
bound to put a smile on your face this Wednesday...
I feel like this picture needs a sign in front saying "first day of preschool"...he looks so big!


  1. They just have to try and get to the highest point don't they!!!

    Walker is also a fan of eating crayons :-)

  2. I hear where you're coming from! My two manage to get into the weirdest things, have an agenda of hurting each other and some days are just plain HARD! Hope you have a better day. :)

  3. Hahaha I love your honesty! And that picture of them side by side watching the game is PRICELESS, they seriously look indentical. TOO cute :)

  4. Coming over from the blog hop.

    Your little guy is adorable!! Looks like y'all have a lot of fun together!

    I remember my 2 year old always being mischievous at 17 months. Who am I kidding.. she still is. ;)

    Newest follower!


  5. Welcome to toddlerhood!! Hehehe I know exactly what you are saying...and yes it IS exhausting some days :)
    He's a cutie for sure though!! Maybe not so much whilst standing on the top of dining room chairs lol
    Liam likes to sit on our table!!! Scary :0

  6. oh goodness.. I have that feeling all the time. Days when I think I could handle more kids and then some days when I feel close to losing my mind. Gotta love it :)

  7. Aw he's so cute and he looks all happy! Aw I thought bath crayons did work! Maybe you need another brand? They sound like so much fun for kids! You've got a lovely blog!


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