Wednesday, July 11, 2012


What is Hudson up to Wednesday!
H was an absolute trooper this whole trip, but decided that getting the flu the last 4 days we were there, would be icing on the cake. poor little guy had a fever of 104 for 3 days straight, with a nose that never stopped running, and eyes that wouldn't stop dripping. He spent a lot of time doing this...
[which if you know my son, you know that he hasn't fallen asleep on me since he was a month old]
Oh and have you ever painted the outside of your house, in 90+ degree weather, while holding your 30+ pound one year old? It's a dang good work out. Oh, and have you ever caulked your house with a baby on your hip? that one is a little tricky but a good workout too...and for some reason, it's not my arms or back that hurts, it's my legs! Squats anyone?!
He was such an amazing helper, as always!
 It's a good thing this little boy is so awesome right?!
Because he was feeling so yucky, he spent alot of time
cuddling with the people he loves the most!

He has been a sick little tyke...
but still such a busy, happy boy!
Update: I took H to the doctor yesterday. Poor little man has a severe case of croup and a sore throat. His cough sounds like he is barking, his nose is so red and sore, and he hasn't eaten anything in the past 2 days except a smoothie and his milk. Hopefully he gets better soon, and until then, I'm soaking up this "cuddle time" because I know it won't last long!

Have a simple amazing Wednesday everyone!


  1. Oh no, poor guy! I know just what you are going through. Both my kiddos are sick and we are going on day 6. It's brutal. :(

  2. Poor thing! He still looks like he enjoyed his time with loved ones though.

  3. Poor Baby! I hope he starts to feel better soon! Stopping by from the GFC hop and am now your newest follower:) Hope you can come check out Crazy Mama Drama !

  4. Oh, what a cute baby. Hope he feels better soon.
    New follower from GFC hop. I am still making my way down the list. Lots of great blogs. Love for you to stop by and return the follow when you can.


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