Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Onto another day, and another "remodel" of the house.
We decided [well I decided] that all of the light fixtures, fans, door knobs...needed to go, and stay gone! I just couldn't stand to re-do the rest of the house, and leave them hanging!
And let's be honest, they aren't pretty...at all.
So out with the ugly and old...
and in with the pretty and new!
Great part about getting rid of things is...craigslist.
I put the old light fixtures up tuesday night...$40 for all 7 of them,
and someone had come and taken them away by Wednesday morning!

We [I] decided that the old door knobs needed to leave as well, we thought we were pretty awesome last night around and actaully painted the door knobs black...but by the way the renters treated and left the house, it was obvious that the door knobs were no longer black. [it actually looked like they tried to cover up the marks with a black sharpie.]
It seemed like such a simple change that we could do to the house,
but it made the biggest difference in every single room!

Have you ever done simple improvements to your
 home that made such a huge difference?!


  1. Wow, those new light fixtures look amazing. I'm going to have to take some pointers for my condo. :)

  2. New follower via the hop. I cracked up about the black Sharpie. The new light fixtures are beautiful! I'm off to explore the rest of your darling blog.

  3. New follower via GFC Blog Hop! Loving the photos from your remodel! The new fixtures looks amazing! :)

  4. Thanks for linking up at the GFC Blog Hop today!!

  5. You've made changing out the light fixture look incredibly easy! Great ideas to update your home's look at such a small investment.

  6. Love the new fixtures. In fact, I have the one in the bottom left hand corner. :)

  7. We just redid our kitchen lighting and dinning room lighting from the builder grade "dinky" ones we picked out orginally. Isn't it amazing what new lighting can do to a space! Love your new additions.


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