Thursday, July 12, 2012

worth it...

I'm going to take a break from "home improvement week" today.
I had an oppurtunity this past week to write a letter to some of the girls in one of my old church groups back home in Boise. The girls are going on a weekend retreat, and because I can't be there, it was the least I could do! I know I don't talk much about religion on this blog, but I think this little letter is something worth sharing...
for every girl out there who is just trying to find her way!
Girls! I so wish that I could be there with you, because I have so much to say to you, but hopefully this little letter will say everything I want to say to each and every single one of you!
In high school, whenever I would leave the house to go out with friends, on a date, or even to work, my mom would always stand at the doorway and say “remember who you are and make the very best choices.” I would always roll my eyes, sometimes laugh, and just shrug it off.
A few years have passed since those high school days. I’m married to an amazing man, I have a beautiful baby boy, and my life is pretty dang amazing. And you know why? Because I remembered who I was and made the very best choices I could. I never would have thought then that my mom could be so right!  I know you’ve heard it before but, It’s not hard to make decisions once you know what your values are. Wrong is Wrong, even if everyone else is doing it! You are going to make wrong decisions along the way, I can promise you that, but don’t regret them. Learn from them, move on, and be a better person because of it! Keep your head and standards high.
 Stay true and most importantly, stay you!
I will be the first to admit…growing up is hard work. High school is tough. Getting your heart broken by silly boys is difficult. But If there is anything that I could tell you over and over and over, and have you believe it every single time, it would be…YOU have amazing potential. Believe in YOU. YOU can choose to be happy. YOU can make good choices. YOU are so worth it. NEVER give up on yourself. YOU are never alone. YOU can do hard things. YOU are important. Challenge yourself every single day. YOU need to arise and shine forth. YOU are beautiful…inside and out. Don’t compare yourself to others, they are not you. Surround yourself with amazing people. Never ever settle, for anyone or anything. YOU are of great worth. Don’t you dare underestimate yourself. He has a plan for YOU.
Remember who you are because …
You are a daughter of God.
The list may be long, but I really think that every single one of you deserve it all, and the only way you are going to get what you deserve, is to respect yourselves enough to know that you are worth it and to know exactly what you stand for. I’ve watched you all grow up, babysat most of you, and although I’m older than all of you, I look up to you all…especially because I know that you are the ones that my kids will be watching and learning from.  I love you girls so much.
Make this weekend about something more than spending time with your friends.
Make it about finding yourself.


  1. WOW! That's all I can say... WOW!

  2. what a lovely letter, I'm sure the girls are going to appreciate it.

  3. Elise! I love it! I am a youth pastor and this letter will def reach to my girls too. I wish every teen or young adult would feel this way!
    <3 Sam

  4. What a wonderful letter to have written to the girls. They will love it. you are so AWESOME! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  5. i just teared up while reading this!!! it is AMAZING advice, not only to young girls, but us already-marrieds, also ;) i'm so glad i read this!


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