Monday, July 30, 2012

guacamole [re-do]...

I re-did the bathroom a while ago, but never posted the final product!
Hudson's bathroom/our guest bath needed some major help. It was certainly lacking in the "design" department! I didn't want to spend a fortune, mainly because we don't plan on living in the condo for too much I set myself a budget of $20, and I was going to stick to it!


Seriously, so bad, I know.
It was like I threw everything that didn't have a place, on the bathroom wall.
I've always been a little afraid of color too!
Since this is Hudson's bathroom, I wanted to keep it a little more on the boy side, but something I wouldn't have to re-do if we ever have a girl in the future!
 I was clearly in a "guacamole" phase!
shower curtain: target, on clearance for $4.98
I think the prints turned out amazingly well!

prints: printed them myself.
two frames: ross for $4 each.
 green frame: target on clearance for $1.48
[the little boy: don't even ask, he is worth priceless!]
soap dispenser: target on clearance for $2.50
 & toothbrush holder: target on clearance for $2.99
grand total: 19.95
Clearly I got lucky with some target clearance and although its the most simple "re-do", I'm no longer afraid of color, and Hudson has a little more space to call his own...oh wait, he rules this house!
Do you have any simple "re-do" tips or tricks!?
Or is everyone's trick to go to Target!? haha.


  1. I love those signs.. those are really cute!! Did the frames come with the prints in them or did you print those yourself. I love the soap dispensers too.

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  2. I love the green!!! And I am a sucker for Target clearance!!

  3. Super cute! It looks really good. I love the frames. :)


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