Saturday, July 28, 2012

oh, you're married?!

Here we go...
old high school friend: "Oh you're married?!"
 me: "Yep I am!"
old high school friend: "oh, I had no idea, because of your last name."
okay, okay...I have a confession.
A  h u g e confession.
I've been married for over two years.
 I have one child....
[who is not that little anymore!]
And I have y e t to change my last name.
Isn't that what girls do, like the second after they get married?!
Yeah, well, not this girl.
I have no good reason.
No good excuse.
Bank accounts, checks, mail, signature, insurance, registration, drivers license...
you name it, my maiden name is all over it!
I should probably get on that right?!
Especially before we have another baby [no, I'm not pregnant]...
the hospital was just a mess trying to get H's last name right...
Or maybe before someone else asks me if I'm married because
clearly the rock on my left hand isn't enough!

Does it confuse people. Sometimes.
Do some people find offense in it? Yep.
But when I sit down and think about it, does my last name really matter?
 Does it define me as a person? Does it show my love or dedication?
I don't think so. not one bit.
Because I can promise you one thing, my love and devotion are things that are undeniable. They are things that will not change because I have his last name.
He will continue to be the father to my child,
my rock, my husband, my supporter,
and the man that makes me laugh...
maiden name or not!


  1. I think to each is their own! Some like such changes while some do not! I think all that matters is that you two as a couple are happy, that you love each other & such :)

  2. It's all up to you! I was crazy the other way! I would have skipped the honeymoon to get everything changed! Well, maybe not skipped it, but left a day later!
    Happily following by email!

  3. Changing your name is stressful, so much to do!! I am with you though, it doesn't matter whether you change it or doesn't change the fact that you are a family!

  4. Exactly! If it works for you, then that is all that matters! Changing your name really is a pain at first and hard to get used to!

  5. I'm just starting my name change officially, but I changed it on Facebook a while back. That seemed to satisfy everyone but now I have checks written out to my new name that I have yet to cash :)

  6. There is a lot going into changing your name and it can be rather stressful. If I hadn't done it right away I probably would have procrastinated too and waited just as long as you!

  7. It took me over two years. I finally had to do it for a job. I don't see it as a huge deal!

  8. I don't think it should be a huge deal. I mean to each their own. Its the love and devotion that matters! :-)

  9. I've also been married for two years and I still have my maiden name.

  10. I didn't change my name until a year later ;)
    <3 Sam

  11. that is too funny! I changed mine the week after getting married for taxes & loans etc to make everything easier.. but i agree with you, it doesn't change or define your relationship or anything like that :)


  12. oh that is funny. i thought you had to change your last name? i didnt know it was an option. good thing i liked my new last name or i probably wouldnt have changed it:)


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