Monday, July 9, 2012

cra-cra [and a remodel]...

Yeah, that's right. I just said cra-cra because
I'm way too lazy and sleepy to say or even type "cRaZy."
We pulled into the condo around 2am last night, in the pouring rain, barely able to open our eyes. It has been an amazing week, but a tough one as well. With a combined total of around 200+ hours put in by my husband, myself, and my wonderful family, on our rental home this past week, I think it's safe to say that we could sleep for days.

We had a list a mile long of things that had to be done while we were back. When we walked into the house after the renters had moved out, we realized that list just turned into a marathon. Although the home could have been left in much worse condition, we had a lot of work ahead of us, and only a week to accomplish everything.
note to self: Never, I repeat, never rent out your home and move out of state....ever.

Since we did so much work to the house, this post could have either been a foot long, or I could break it into a little series...and that's just what I'm going to do.
Because I'm so stinking excited about our first little/HUGE project, I'll show it to!

When we found out we were moving to Colorado, we were in the middle of remodeling, pretty much our whole house...the one thing we did not get to complete was the master bathroom. Kalob worked on the flooring up until the day he left, and it turned out amazing...
 [oh, you thought my husband was awesome before...
yeah- he did all of that- himself!]
But we still had alot to do to make the master bathroom flow with the rest of the house!
I was so happy to see that nasty, pink/coral backsplash go! When the hubby bought his house, the previous owners had that color...everywhere...carpet, tile, bathtub, paint...oh heaven help them!

[can we all just stand in awe over these sinks? I really just wanted to bring
  them home with me and let the new renters go without sinks!]

[next time we go back home, we will put a thick black frame
around the mirror to finish off the master bathroom!]

And to think, this was only one of our many amazing projects that we did in the house this week!
Stay tuned for a week full of home projects!

Hope everyone's weekend was amazing...
So happy to be back in blog world!


  1. Those sinks are soo nice! It's got to be hard to remodel things to the way you want them...and then leave!

  2. That is so awesome! love the new sinks!

  3. What an awesome hubby! The. Bathrooms look way better, very cute!!
    <3 Sam

  4. What an awesome hubby! The. Bathrooms look way better, very cute!!
    <3 Sam

  5. It is a great transformation. I could say that it is one of the nicest thing I saw on Earth. I am so exaggerated.

  6. its looking really amazing!
    following you from the blog hop :)

  7. It's looking so wonderful!! Nicely done! I'm a new follower from the GFC blog hop! Cannot wait to catch up on all the rest of your posts. Love your blog!



  8. Your bathroom looks great! I found you over at the GFC Blog Hop. Newest follower. I'd love for you to check out my blog and follow back!

    Looking forward to reading your awesome posts!


  9. Great work! Just came over from the blog hop!



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