Monday, July 16, 2012

do you ever...

do you ever just want to be rude to someone, because they ask a stupid question?!
oh shoot, was that just me!? awesome...

Well, maybe I just got offended the other day while I was returning something at Target.
Good ole' Target.
I walked up, with my cart, and H was in the seat in front, trying to see if he could poke my belly button [yes this is a re-occurring "game"], and he just started laughing. It's pretty contagious, and the other people in line were asking how old he was, what his name was, blah blah blah...and then one older lady, standing behind me asked...
"so is it a boy or a girl?!"
Okay, so maybe I got offended because nobody,
not a single person has ever asked me that question, ever.
or maybe it was because of the way she asked it...
or the way she was looking at my hair, and then H's hair
[yep, you can get over it now, I have big hair!]
or maybe it's just because I wanted to be rude, and I was in a hurry...
whatever the case may be, I just wanted to say something like,

"We don't know what gender "it" is"
[you know, like that couple that hid their child's identity from the world]
What do you think, lady?
of course I wasn't mean or rude, and politely stated that HE is a BOY.
She shrugged it off and returned her things.
oh, and the best part is...
This is what he was wearing...
[Please tell me that nobody dresses a one year old little girl like this!?]

Hope everyone had an amazing and relaxing weekend! 


  1. This is the first time you've been asked? You're lucky! When Ava was an infant I would dress her in bows and pink and give her pink binkys and blankys, etc...and people were always asking me if it was a boy or girl.

    Some people...

    Also, he looks very much like a little man.

  2. Ughh.... people can be so rude and frustrating and I hate to say this but it seems like the older they are the ruder they can be. I guess that was kind of rude of me, huh?
    In any case, it is pretty obvious Hudson is all boy!

  3. oh my gosh- the SAME thing just happened to me with my two month old. I was like, lady....she has pink stripes on. come on!
    just found your follower :)

    kristen @


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