Saturday, July 14, 2012

just a coat...

home improvement week is still going strong...
I never realized what just one simple coat of paint could do to a home...until this past week.
The house was pretty beat up, and needed a coat of paint...everywhere!
I would go over during Hudson's nap time & after he went to sleep.
My mom took the week off of work and would go over whenever I wasn't there, helped so much with Hudson, and worked her little tushy off painting and cleaning away!
And I certainly couldn't have done it without my brother coming on his lunch breaks and even dressing the part!

 [the hubby owes me some new clothes!]

[blue tape has become a best friend!]

We also needed to redo the molding in the kitchen/dining room area to match the rest of the house.
Kalob chose a thick molding, and I loved it, so we stuck with it! haha.
It seriously makes every room "pop" in an awesome way!
Oh and if you ever want something done amazingly well, ask my Dad.
He is a perfectionist, and this molding turned out absolutely flawless!

So much better right?!

Hope you all are having an amazing weekend so far!
Any fun plans!?


  1. We painted our house a few months ago and it made ALL the difference. Before I felt like I was living in a rental or something and now I feel like I live in MY home and was able to start decorating.

  2. {new} follower! Nice home improvement stuff!! I am super impressed!

  3. It looks fab! You've been so busy, definitely looks like all that hard work has paid off though.

  4. You have an amazing family!

  5. That color is GORGEOUS! I just love it! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving that sweet comment :) You completely made my night!


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